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Posts Tagged ‘Beatdown’

Capturing Kentucky’s Effort In One Play

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Gators Run Kentucky Over

After losing 24-straight games (now 25) to one team, getting one’s hopes up for a road win in said team’s house is probably asking a little much, but is asking a team to play like they aren’t scared? Apparently. Kentucky went down to Gainesville, after some hype of an upset special, and laid an absolute egg, losing 48-14. Kentucky’s “defense” (I’m hesitant to call it that after their performance against the Gators, perhaps tackling dummies is more appropriate) essentially played dead against a Florida team who had been struggling on the offensive end.

Well, six Trey Burton touchdowns later, and the Mildcats showed they still have a long way to go to compete with the Florida Gators of the world, no matter how much their offense struggles in the previous weeks. There was one play that summed up Kentucky’s efforts quite well, something I’m sure you’ve seen by now, but thanks to 30fps, we’ve got it in animated gif form:

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Where Hornets Fans Feel Robbed Happens

I was drawn to this video via the Star Wars-style crawl and stuck around to see what was being said. Um, no, the Hornets were not robbed, unless you consider getting completely outplayed being robbed. The contention is the referees would call a foul on New Orleans every time they made a run, which, in turn, took the wind out of the Comeback Kids’ sails.

I’m sorry, but you are going to have to find another culprit when your opponent beats you by a total of 79 points in the final two games of the series. Perhaps something like, “Denver was completely the better team and the Hornets just got caught in their wake of awesomeness.” Anything would be more appropriate than blaming the officials.

At least in the this case.

Chicago Bulls fans? Sure, they can argue double-standards (Rondo’s non-suspension as opposed to Howard’s one-game banishment) until they turn blue in the face, and they’d have a point. It wouldn’t help much, but their point would remain and have validity to it. Hornets fans, on the other hand, need to take Denver’s cumulative ass-whippings like adults and just hope the front office finds some help for Chris Paul during the offseason.

Blaming the officials — especially in a series as lopsided as Denver/New Orleans — is awfully weak. I do, however, admire the subterfuge being attempted by the video’s creator. No one will know the face of the man behind the “Officials Robbed the Hornets” meme, nor should they, apparently.

Fan Up, Fans Out

Fan Out

The rallying cry for New Orleans Hornets during the playoffs has been “Fan Up.” Unfortunately, after last night’s ugly, ugly beatdown, they might want to change that to “Fans Out.”

Friday Fun: “Real” Martial Arts Vs Real MMA

Judging by the YouTube views, it’s safe to say some of you have seen this video before, but if not, it’s worth the time. What we have is a Kiai Master — the yell you give before a strike — who apparently has a high midi-chlorian count because in the preview portion of the video, it shows the Master striking his opponents without touching them. Yeah, the guy is billing himself as a black-belt Yoda. Anyway, Kiai Master de jour issues a challenge to any MMA fighter, saying if he can be beaten, he’ll pay the fighter $5000.

Bad decision.

Apparently, his version of the Force was no match for a solid fist to the face, nor the knee that followed. In fact, the look of surprise on the Master’s face when he gets hit the first time is similar to White Goodman: “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, NOBODY!!!”

H/t to MMA Scraps for the find. Just in time for UFC 96, too.