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Posts Tagged ‘Beast Mode’

Marshawn Lynch Destroys The Saints

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Marshawn Lynch

Hasselbeck loves it

And that, folks, is how a 7-9 Seattle Seahawks team absolutely shocks the defending Super Bowl champions: Four touchdown passes from a celebrating Matt Hasselbeck and a 67-yard touchdown run from one of the more enjoyable players in football, Marshawn Lynch. The phrase “beast mode” has always been associated with Lynch, or “beef mode,” if you will — because of his jeweled fronts –and after his eye-popping, game-sealing touchdown, which included a devastating stiff arm that bowled Tracy Porter over so much, he was rendered useless, Lynch was clearly in complete beast, or beef mode (depending on your preference).

After the jump, a gif of Lynch’s beast mode touchdown >>

Calvin Johnson Drags DeAngelo Hall To the End Zone

Calvin Johnson

While Donovan McNabb’s benching was the main story after the Detroit/Washington game — For Sex Cannon Rex? Really? — Calvin Johnson was the story during the game. Granted, Johnson had some help from Ndamukong Suh, among others, but his nine catch, three touchdown, 101 yard day was so dominant, it’s hard not to think of Johnson’s name when discussing the best receivers in the NFL, and watching him drag DeAngelo Hall into the end zone was an awesome display of athleticism.

Plus, it was a perfect way to pay Hall back for that first quarter interception on a pass intended for Johnson. It’s safe to say Johnson got the last laugh:

Johnson’s other touchdowns are in the video as well, but the strength he displayed on his first was, simply put, beast-like.

When discussing Johnson with friends, I often make a comparison to Shawn Kemp playing wide receiver. His athleticism was apparent in college. However, I’m not sure if that’s enough praise. It may be time to add “the best receiver in the NFL” title as well.

Keion Bell Is Freaking Freak

Keion Bell

More midnight madness fun, but this time, I think we have a winner — at least for best display of dunking. Just ask Keion Bell and the Pepperdine crowd who were lucky enough to witness Bell’s freakshow-like display of jumping ability. How freaky was Bell? Freaky enough to jump over SEVEN people and still dunk it:

Did someone say “freak?”

I imagine we’ll be seeing a few highlights of Bell on SportsCenter in the coming months. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be lucky enough and Bell will dunk it by jumping over somebody in a game. As it stands, my money’s on Bell to produce the Dunk of the Year when the season starts in a month or so.

Andre Johnson = Beast

Andre Johnson

Yes, Matt Schaub deserves tons of credit for bringing the Texans back while being under fire from the Redskins, but my goodness, Andre Johnson is a f***ing freak of nature. And a beast too. Oh, and the best receiver in the league.

Sorry Randy, Chad, T.O., Reggie, and whoever else wants to throw their name in the ring. I’m looking at you, too, Braylon. One Sunday afternoon of Dougie dances doesn’t quite cut it.

It’s Andre Johnson’s world.

We’re just fortunate enough he allows us to maintain residence.

One question though, what in the world was Phillip Buchanon doing quitting on Johnson’s route like that? Leaving Reed Doughty alone like that to cover a beast like Johnson, especially with the Redskins lead being on the line like that, is really about as bad of a decision as you can make. Football-wise, anyway.

Jamaal Charles Went Full Beast-Mode

There hasn’t been much in the way of pleasant news to report about the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2009 season, unless you like to gripe about struggling teams. Oh, Todd Haley, too. Chiefs fans loved complaining about Haley. However, thanks to a beast-mode-like day from running back Jamaal Charles, it looks like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel the Chiefs have been slogging through since Herm Edwards’ first season. In fact, before Charles’ beastly day against the Denver Broncos, the only Kansas City running back people were talking about was Larry Johnson — and the conversation had nothing to do with the sport Johnson plays.

Instead, Johnson’s Tweeting habits, as well as his predilection to for Kansas City nightlife drama, were the topics of discussion.

All it took to kill that kind of talk was merely a career day by Jamaal Charles, who rushed for a Chiefs-record 259 yards on 25 carries. One of his many highlights of the day was his 56-yard touchdown run, as seen in the lead video. Not only did Charles’ performance help keep the Denver Broncos from making the playoffs — Collapse anyone? — it also gives Chiefs fans a reason to hope for the future.

I’m starting to believe the Chiefs can do anything through Charles.

Before Charles, the Chiefs had the worst offensive line in football. The unit couldn’t open holes for Larry Johnson and couldn’t protect quarterback Matt Cassel. A blind man could see that Branden Albert, Brian Waters and Rudy Niswanger were awful and the right side of KC’s line was a bad joke…

Before Charles, I couldn’t think of one reason to attend a 2010 Chiefs game. Not one.

Funny how one brilliant game can change perspectives. Granted, Charles has performed quite well since the Chiefs dumped Johnson, but it took a record-setting day for fans and pundits to feel optimistic. It leaves me wondering what the reaction would’ve been if Charles had his normal 100-yard effort (with a touchdown), but the result was a Chiefs loss.

Would spirits still be as high about 2010? I think we know the answer here.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t take away from Charles’ brilliant, brilliant performance. Now if only the Chiefs can surround with good offensive talent going forward, they might not waste his seemingly Chris Johnson-like potential.