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Posts Tagged ‘BCS’

USC Cheerleaders Fraternize With Ducks?

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Does this warrant a removal from the USC Song Girls squad? Or is this like when your girl dirty-dances with another dude and says “it’s only dancing,” only to get majorly pissed if you do the same with a random lady? Oh, and can anyone actually stop the Oregon Ducks offense?

It sure as hell doesn’t look like it.

Arkansas Fans Aren’t Happy with the Refs

The Arkansas Razorbacks to a trip to Gainesville on Saturday and gave the Florida Gators all that they could handle. The Gators reward? Being number one in the first BCS Rankings poll of the season. However, did Florida get a little help from our friends who wear the zebra-striped uniforms? To some Razorback fans, the answer is yes. Yes the Gators did benefit from some suspect calls which may have helped them avoid what would’ve been the season’s biggest upset so far.

More on one Arkansas fan’s lament after the jump >>

Serena Gives Good Interview

Yeah, this is a little dated, considering the way time works in the blogosphere, but nevertheless, I found it quite entertaining. And truthful; although, this is just the audio portion of Serena Williams’ post-Wimbledon victory press conference. One thing’s for certain: The picture placeholder being used is quite keen, if, for nothing else, for Serena’s awesome “Are You Looking At My Titles” t-shirt. Perhaps the shirt — and its message — was meant for Jason Whitlock as a preemptive retaliation; because we all know he is indeed looking.

Just not at her titles.

In other news, how in all that’s holy is Serena not the number one women’s player in the world? Perhaps she should get some senators in on the action — once they get done straightening out the BCS.

/Stifles laughter

End of the Road (BCS Championship)

Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops

There’s a football game of some note on tonight, but the delay’s been so long now, I’ve almost forget which two teams are involved and what it is they are playing for? Oh, that’s right. Tebow versus Bradford. Stoops versus Meyer. Percy Harvin versus his ankle. Florida’s D versus Oklahoma’s offense (and vice versa). So on and so on.

More BCS stuff after the jump >>

BCS Trash Talking

Gators Trash Talk

The BCS Championship Game is on Thursday, and now that most of the minor bowl games are out of the way, the national focus is turning to all Oklahoma Sooners/Florida Gators, all of the time, especially when it comes to trash talking. Is there an easier way to get the media’s attention than when players say something “negative” about an opposing team?

More BCS trash talk after the jump >>

Taylor Mays Lays Out Two

During USC’s first half thrashing/second half clock-running beatdown of Penn State at yesterday’s Rose Bowl, Taylor Mays, a member of USC’s secondary, wanted to show the world just how hard he could lay the wood to opposing players. And if a teammate gets blasted in the process? Sorry. He’s just a casualty of college football.

More fallout from USC’s impressive Rose Bowl win after the jump >>

Nick Saban = Coach of the Year

Nick Saban

In a choice surprising absolutely no one, Alabama’s Nick Saban won AP’s Coach of the Year honors, beating out Texas Tech’s Mike Leach among others. Next up for the Sabanites is a the Sugar Bowl showdown against Utah on January 2. One wonders if the Crimson Tide will show up as a hungry team or a disappointed one, hanging their heads and playing down to the level of their competition — with absolutely no offense meant to Utah.

Bama, when the team is on, is just that good. It’s up to the Coach of the Year to make sure they are ready to play.

More Saban ruminations after the jump >>

Obama Declares War on the BCS

For those of you waiting to see what Barack Obama’s first executive decision would be, I think you have your answer.

The 44th President-elect was on 60 Minutes last night, dishing about this and that. As most of you know by now, he was asked about the BCS and his desire to see an 8-team college football playoff. From his perspective, such a novelty would only extend the season by a few weeks and would give college football a definitive national champion.

More BCS insurgency after the jump >>