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Posts Tagged ‘BCS Championship’

SI Tries To Do What the NCAA and the SEC Couldn’t

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Cam Newton

In a move that’s sure to make Mike Bianchi happy, Sports Illustrated is trying to do what the NCAA wouldn’t and what the SEC couldn’t do: Stop Cam Newton.

Instead of relying on collegiate-level defenses and the sheer hypocrisy of the NCAA — Enes Kanter says “hi” to the Cam Newton ruling — SI turned to their tried-and-true method, the SI cover jinx.

Newton graces their latest cover, and it’s pretty clear, at least to me, SI is doing it because they have money on Oregon winning and putting Newton on the cover is the only way they can conceive of stopping him. I mean, you can almost see Phil Knight’s fingerprints all over this, and I’m sure the discussion went something like:

“Hey, you guys want some free Air Jordans? Put Cammy-Cam on the cover. I warn you, however: if my Ducks don’t win, I’m buying the company.”

Alabama Tops Preseason Poll

Mark Ingram

Last year’s king of college football is back on top of the preseason polls, as we get closer and closer to the start of the season. USAToday’s first poll of the upcoming college football season hit the stands today, and as expected, the team looking down on everybody else is the Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama received 55 first place votes, while the second-ranked team, Ohio State, received four.

Rounding out the top five are Florida, Texas, and everybody’s favorite non-automatic qualifier, upstart Boise State. The high preseason ranking makes Boise State’s road to the BCS trophy a little easier to achieve, provided they survive the Virginia Tech season opener.

As for the Tide, Nick Saban returns a powerful team, especially on the offensive side of the ball, which features eight returning starters , including Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram. Provided the defense performs up to Saban’s standards — not a certainty, considering the turnover; but then again, that’s what all of those monster recruiting classes are for — Alabama is in a great position to repeat as BCS Champions.

Granted, they have to survive a fairly brutal schedule that includes games against Penn State, at Arkansas, a visit from a non-Tim Tebow Florida, and trips to Tennessee and LSU on back-to-back weekends. It’s safe to say if Bama finishes the season with an unblemished record, they’ll be at the top of the BCS rankings.

By a wide margin.

The question I’m left asking is, if they do win multiple championships, will Alabama build multiple Nick Saban statues?

Different Approaches To the BCS Championship

BCS Trophy

Now that the fluffer games are over, tonight, the real deal finally happens: Texas versus Alabama for the BCS Championship. Mythical? Maybe. But it’s hard to argue these are the two best teams in college football; well, unless your name is Ndamukong Suh. Close conference championship games aside, and even though the BCS takes a proper hammering on a yearly basis, the Longhorns and the Crimson Tide do, in fact, resemble the two teams that should be playing each other. So… Who ya got? Currently, Bama is a four-point favorite, an indication the teams are pretty-evenly matched, talent-wise. While most (not all) of the journalistic consensus is leaning toward the Tide, we all know what happened the last time Texas played in the BCS Championship game.

Something about the “best college football game ever,” with the Vince Young-led Longhorns getting the hardware.

While the game, its players and coaches get the majority of the publicity, it’s the fans who make games like this worthwhile. Most of the time, anyway. To get you in the mood for tonight’s shenanigans, here are two different fan approaches to getting one’s self prepared. And by different, I mean distinctly different. First, a Bama fan messing with UT faithful:

I’m disappointed he wasn’t wearing red; although, the box of Tide was a nice touch. Now for a contribution from the Longhorn nation:

Considering how famous Texas is for its Longhorn women, I figured a tutorial on the proper way to apply Longhorns-inspired eye shadow was appropriate. Much like the Bama fan, however, I’m disappointed the Longhorns make up expert had purple nail polish. Way to support your team, honey!!!

Do these videos help sway those of you who are on the fence about who to pick tonight? It did me. With that in mind, while most of my being is leaning towards Alabama, I still can’t shake the idea of Texas repeating their “Shock the World” performance of their previous BCS Championship. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Texas defense control Heisman winner Mark Ingram, and for Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley connect on some kind of last-minute touchdown, denying Nick Saban his second BCS Trophy (while rewarding Mack Brown his). My final score prediction:

Texas – 24
Alabama – 21

MVP – Shipley

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it — that is, until Greg McElroy completes his first bomb to Julio Jones.

End of the Road (BCS Championship)

Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops

There’s a football game of some note on tonight, but the delay’s been so long now, I’ve almost forget which two teams are involved and what it is they are playing for? Oh, that’s right. Tebow versus Bradford. Stoops versus Meyer. Percy Harvin versus his ankle. Florida’s D versus Oklahoma’s offense (and vice versa). So on and so on.

More BCS stuff after the jump >>

BCS Trash Talking

Gators Trash Talk

The BCS Championship Game is on Thursday, and now that most of the minor bowl games are out of the way, the national focus is turning to all Oklahoma Sooners/Florida Gators, all of the time, especially when it comes to trash talking. Is there an easier way to get the media’s attention than when players say something “negative” about an opposing team?

More BCS trash talk after the jump >>

Nick Saban = Coach of the Year

Nick Saban

In a choice surprising absolutely no one, Alabama’s Nick Saban won AP’s Coach of the Year honors, beating out Texas Tech’s Mike Leach among others. Next up for the Sabanites is a the Sugar Bowl showdown against Utah on January 2. One wonders if the Crimson Tide will show up as a hungry team or a disappointed one, hanging their heads and playing down to the level of their competition — with absolutely no offense meant to Utah.

Bama, when the team is on, is just that good. It’s up to the Coach of the Year to make sure they are ready to play.

More Saban ruminations after the jump >>

BCS Overload

BCS Trophy

Would you have it any other way? Are there better methods to decide a national championship than the BCS? Ask Division II football. But until a cataclysmic shift in the cosmos occurs, the BCS is what we have so we might as well go with it — unless, that is, the football teams in question decide to boycott these upcoming games, making a protest that would be impossible to ignore.

Oh well. Perfect world and all that. Anyway, here’s our little preview of the upcoming BCS games and may God have mercy on our “we want a playoff” souls.

After the jump, we preview all five BCS games >>

An SEC Championship Primer

Nick Saban and Urban Meyer

There’s a fairly substantial game taking place in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow. I think maybe it’s referred to as the SEC Championship? It could also be called the semi-final game before the national championship. The thinking is, whoever wins the game between Florida and Alabama goes to the BCS Championship to face Oklahoma the winner of the Big 12 Championship game — well, not Missouri, but someone from the Big 12.

There’s this scenario to consider as well: Florida may not jump Texas even if they beat Bama.

So who wins? Alabama’s strength or Florida’s speed? Nick Saban or Urban Meyer? Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin or John Parker Wilson and the Coffee/Ingram express (there’s entirely too much talent on this field to list, so I’ll just stick with these guys for now)? For what it’s worth, pretty much the entire nation think Florida will be the champion, as demonstrated by ESPN’s poll.

The Hulk and The Flash after the jump >>