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Posts Tagged ‘BCS Champions’

Mark Ingram’s Knee Gets in The Way

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Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram’s defense of his Heisman trophy, as well his efforts towards helping the Alabama Crimson Tide win another BCS Championship has been put on hold, at least for one game. According to, Ingram had “minor” arthroscopic surgery on his left knee after injuring it during a Monday evening practice session. Ingram will miss Bama’s opener against San Jose State, but Nick Saban doesn’t think Ingram’s left knee will be an issue later in the season; a result of repairing Ingram’s knee immediately, as opposed to treating the issue with rest and a “wait and see” attitude.

“It was a situation where everyone involved thought it would be better to take care of now, so he would not have any issues with it later in the season,” Saban said.

While it’s unlikely Ingram will be missed against San Jose State, if the issue does happen to linger, the idea of Alabama going back-to-back becomes less likely; although, Trent Richardson — who some say is the best running back on Bama’s squad (Richardson disagrees) — might have something to say about that.

As it stands, Richardson will get the staring nod as Ingram continues to heal.

Nick Saban’s Statue Still a Work in Progress

Nick Saban Statue

Win a national championship mythical title represented by a crystal trophy in college football while coaching the Alabama Crimson Tide? That’s a statue-ing. Just ask Nick Saban. The question is, when will the Saban Statue be revealed to the unwashed masses? After targeting September 4th, the start of Alabama’s football season, the dedication has been delayed.

In fact, they haven’t even started building/sculpting the thing, hence the author’s rendition of what a Nick Saban statue might look like.

According to, the plan is to unveil the Saban Monument sometime during the 2010 season, and considering the other details are currently ambiguous, it wouldn’t be surprising if the dedication was delayed until the Auburn/Bama game on November 26th.

I’m also expecting a sacrificial offering of a virgin Bama co-ed to be found at the foot of the statue the following morning. Hey, whatever it takes to keep those crystal trophies coming.

Which Alabama Defensive Play was Bigger?


Marcell Dareus is now a star (not pictured, I just liked the image). That kinda thing happens when you knock Colt McCoy out of the biggest game of his life. Said stardom is only catapulted by the touchdown return that brought a crazy first half to the close. But a question arises: Which defensive play was bigger? Dareus’ touchdown return or Eryk Anders’ late-game sack of Garrett Gilbert, a hit that caused Gilbert to fumble away Texas’ comeback chances? Before we choose, let’s revisit. First. Dareus:

And now for Anders:

While Dareus’ play directly resulted in points, Anders did as well, only it took three more plays, while taking precious time off the clock. Not only that, but Anders’ sack, once again, the Tide’s first of the evening, helped kill the chances of a suddenly-confident Texas team. When Anders recorded his sack, the Longhorns had fought all the way back, trailing Bama by only three points. Of course, both answers could very well be wrong here. The hit that took McCoy out was the not only the defense’s, but the game’s biggest play.

Granted, Dareus’ hit didn’t look like a knockout blow, but then again, that’s easy for me to say from my warm and comfortable office chair.

Did Tebow 3:16 Offend?

Tebow 3:16

The legend of Tim Tebow grew exponentially last night, thanks to the verbal fellatio offered by Fox’s broadcast booth. To some, Tim Tebow might be the savior of the human race, all because he’s a great college football player, and a seemingly stand-up guy … Although, the “greatest human being alive” meme being offered up is a little much. Another area of (slight) concern comes from Tebow’s willingness to wear his Christian faith on his sleeve (or, in this case, underneath his eyes). Apparently, some people–William Lobdell–were initially less than impressed:

More on Tebow’s holy eye black after the jump >>

Losing BCS Championship Games Is Sad

No Crying

Obviously, watching your favorite team lose hits some people harder than normal. Maybe it was OU’s red zone coaching that upset her, or maybe it was the knowledge that, no matter how hard she tried, Tebow would never be hers. It could’ve been Major Wright’s hit that caused the waterworks, especially if she thought Manny Johnson got decapitated. Oh! Here’s a thought: Maybe she was upset at Fox for not showing the band as much as they have in past seasons (although, they made sure to get her tears).

Part of me feels like putting an Eric Cartman/Scott Tenorman reference about the sweetness of her tears, but alas, I’m not a Gator fan. After the jump, we have the full animated gif of Oklahoma’s crying clarinet playe, courtesy of LWS. It’s a sizable file–around 10 megabytes–so you’ve been warned. It’s worth the load time to watch, however.

More waterworks after the jump >>

Major Wright Will Knock Your Block Off

Otherwise known as the play that reminded everybody the BCS Championship was on the line. What we have is Florida safety Major Wright absolutely destroying Oklahoma’s Manny Johnson right as the pass from Bradford arrives. Needless to say, Johnson couldn’t or wouldn’t hang on to the ball. In what’s sure to be even better news for future Gator opponents, Wright will only be a junior next season, meaning he has at least one more year of terrifying opposing receivers and ball carriers alike.

Wright’s brutal smash wasn’t his only contribution either: he was the one who grabbed that interception out of the air when Oklahoma was ithreatening to take a halftime lead. Wright’s pick ended all of those notions.

Gators Chomp (BCS Championship)

Brandon Spikes

The Florida Gators are your National Champions–even in the AP … Sorry Utah–thanks to the efforts of Tim Tebow, Florida’s defense, Percy Harvin’s ankle and Oklahoma’s inability to coach their team up like they did during the regular season.

More Gator chomping after the jump >>

Taylor Mays Lays Out Two

During USC’s first half thrashing/second half clock-running beatdown of Penn State at yesterday’s Rose Bowl, Taylor Mays, a member of USC’s secondary, wanted to show the world just how hard he could lay the wood to opposing players. And if a teammate gets blasted in the process? Sorry. He’s just a casualty of college football.

More fallout from USC’s impressive Rose Bowl win after the jump >>