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Posts Tagged ‘Barak Obama’

Athletes Surf Obama Wave

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CP3 Obama Shoes

The news of Obama’s election spread like wildfire throughout the world, including the professional sports realm. Many well known sports figures weren’t afraid to share their joy for this momentous event, something Chris Paul did with his shoes. Fans weren’t immune to the Obama wave either.

Suffice to say, even though these professional athletes make more money than Scrooge McDuck and face potentially increased taxes under Obama, that did not stop them from enjoying such a historical moment — everyone except maybe Jared Allen, who voiced concern over potentially higher taxes.

Video of reactions to Obama after the jump >>

Obama and Basketball


Sports have always been a central part of my life. Growing up, I learned about competition and teamwork on the basketball court, and these days I try to get in a pickup game whenever I can. If I’m fortunate enough to move into the White House, I’d consider putting in a basketball court.

- President-elect Barack Obama to

I saw Dan Shanoff use the word “Obamaball” today and after reading his post and SI’s interviews with the then-nominees containing the above quote, it’s pretty obvious where the sport of basketball ranks with our new President-elect.

More Obamaball after the jump >>

A New Sheriff in Town

New Sheriff

There’s a new sheriff in town thanks to the landslide electoral vote victory. For all those naysayers out there, complaining about the upcoming attack of socialism, just remember: It worked in Blazing Saddles. There’s really not much more I can add without getting into a belief system discussion and after last night’s marathon of MSNBC, CNN and Fark’s election threads, I’m in no condition to discuss anything in a lucid manner.

I would ask one thing, however: Let’s make sure our greeting for President-elect Obama is a little more than the citizens of Rockridge could come up with, OK?

Oh, and Obama? Now that you’ve been elected leader of the free world, I expect you to use some of that clout to bring about this “college football playoff” we’ve heard so much about.

Good luck

I just want to tell you good luck. We’re all counting on you.