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Posts Tagged ‘Baltimore Ravens’

Seattle Will Continue to Soar – Patriots Cure “The Headache”

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Last weekend, we went undefeated in our Wild Card Weekend picks. The chance of that happening again is unlikely.

Maybe it’s because I lived in Chicago too long. I’ve been around Cubs fans and Bear fans enough to know they hedge their hearts with a lot of “they’ll find a way to lose” thoughts.  Maybe it’s so they won’t be so disappointed at the end result – but they usually are just that – disappointed.  This weekend will be no different.

Pittsburgh Bests Baltimore
Maybe I’m hedging my heart here, I’m sure Pittsburgh will find a way to … wait a minute, I don’t live in Chicago anymore!  Pittsburgh will win this slugfest. I love these games.  In the last three years, they’ve met eight times (Steelers on top 5-2). The average margin of victory in these contests? 3.5 points.

For me to say whoever can turn over the ball less wins, well – that’s pretty simple. Talk is that Joe Flacco has more freedoms in this year’s offense. For the Ravens, they’ll need him to be fantastic to get his first win against a Big Ben-led Steelers team.

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Will the Steelers Go All the Way?

Pittsburgh Steelers Hines WardYou bet! Maybe against the Packers, maybe not.

But this weekend, our attention is on the four games involving other potential dancers. And there may be some surprises.

Seattle Will Advance
The regular season is over. Everyone is 0-0. That said, I will ignore the Seahawks losing record during the regular season and give them a win during the postseason tourney, though just one.

The Saints are depleted by injuries and travel to a noisy Northwest. While I have the utmost respect for Drew Brees, I don’t think he can do this alone. It’ll be an early exit for New Orleans (who have never won a road playoff game), and the Seahawks will exit the playoffs next week — unless they play the 49ers, who still may have a shot.

Jets Built for Postseason
The Jets were built for January. And even though they travel, like the Saints – the Colts are missing too many weapons. I do think that Manning can win this game almost single-handed, but he won’t

Even with Joseph Addai back in the lineup, the Colts will be one-and-done. And we’ll be able to hear Rex Ryan sound bytes for at least one more week.

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Roddy White is A Subtle Beast

The word “beast” in relation to sports, especially football, is quite the compliment. It usually means “powerful” or “can’t be stopped,” and in relation to Roddy White, the word “beast,” qualified with the world “subtle” is a perfect description. White is a beast because anyone that puts up these numbers against a defense like Baltimore’s is a true beast: 12 catches (none bigger than his last one), 138 yards and two touchdowns.

There isn’t a wide receiver in the NFL who wouldn’t want those numbers, nor a coach or quarterback who wouldn’t want that kind of production.

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Memo To Ray Lewis: Blame Joe Flacco Too

Joe Flacco

Yes, Ray Lewis, you and your defense might have been the victim of some questionable roughing the passer calls, but that’s not the only reason your Ravens lost to the Bengals. If not for Joe Flacco’s poor performance, who knows? Maybe those calls wouldn’t have impacted the outcome of the game. Multiple interceptions have a way of ruining the best-laid plans.

You know, like this one:

Nice blast from Adam Jones on Ray Rice, too.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think four interceptions against any team provides the easiest road to victory. There was only one drive — the touchdown drive in the third quarter — where Flacco looked like a Super Bowl-capable quarterback. The rest of the game? Not so much.

So while the calls might piss you off, Ray, your quarterback didn’t do a damn thing to help your cause, either.

Maybe Dustin Keller Owed Ray Lewis Money?

Ray Lewis

Or maybe, opposing coaches should think twice before trying to fire up one of the best defensive players the NFL has ever seen. I wonder how much Dustin Keller enjoys his coach doing all that talking when he has to take those kinds of hits. Whatever the case, Ray Lewis absolutely destroyed Keller in the closing moments of the game last night, as the New York Jets were trying to get into position for a game-winning field goal.

Clearly, Lewis wasn’t hearing any of that and decided to take matters into his own hands — or onto his shoulders, if you will. And it was that same shoulder that absolutely blasted Keller, putting the Jets in a do-or-die fourth down.

Oddly enough, the game essentially ended when Keller caught Mark Sanchez’ fourth down pass and stepped out of bounds BEFORE the first down marker. Maybe he was still feeling the cobwebs from Lewis’ blast.

After the jump, we have animated gifs and video of Lewis’ devastation. Good times.

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Ray Lewis’ Swagger Has No Time For Jets

Ray Lewis
Love this shot of Ray

Ray Lewis has had about enough of folks talking up the New York Jets like they’re defending Super Bowl champs. Can you blame him?

It’s safe to say that, when Monday night’s game between the Jets and Ravens kicks off, it will be officially on.

Lewis’ beef, besides simple Jets overexposure, comes from some comments Rex Ryan made about the Baltimore defense, including Lewis’ play-calling ability. As for Ryan, he, of course, welcomes Lewis’ comments:

“I’m laughing. I think it’s great. That’s good. I don’t care one way or the other. We don’t have to sneak up on people to tell them what we think. We expect to have a great football team, we expect to win, we go into every football game expecting to win, and if that’s ‘cashing a check’ and all that other kind of stuff, then so be it. Sounds like we got under Ray’s nerves, but we’re not here to sneak up on anybody. We’re just here to play them.”

Gonna be some hittin’ on Monday night, and I can’t wait. If we’re lucky, Lewis will shut all the Jets talk up for a week or so.

Ray Lewis, Does Old Spice, Rides Ravens

Ray Lewis

If you didn’t know it was football season, seeing Ray Lewis coming out of the shower, covered in soap suds should clue you in. What other time of year would he show up in such a commercial? Or any commercial, for that matter?

Speaking of the Baltimore Ravens, does anyone else find it odd that, despite the issues with the secondary, they’re a popular pick to make the Super Bowl?

White Offensive Linemen Can’t Jump

Just ask Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman, Joe Reitz. To his credit, Reitz played a little college basketball, so he’s probably better at the sport than you or I am. Nevertheless, asking him to dunk a football over the uprights’ crossbar was expecting a little much, but it did make for an entertaining video — all while furthering a stereotype perpetuated by Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.

Hey, layups count just as much as dunks do, and many times, they are the safest way to convert shots. Leave the goal post dunking to Terrell Owen and Tony Gonzalez.

H/t to Larry Brown Sports for the find.