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Posts Tagged ‘Balls’

Les Miles’ Balls Are Bigger Than Yours

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Les Miles Balls

Time to recycle this LSUFreek gem — he has another one for this very game — because after the end of the Florida/LSU game, is there anything more apt to describe how Les Miles’ brain works? The fake field goal flip/fumble-rooski/insanity that spawned from Miles’ brain was one of the best endings to a college football game I’ve ever seen.

Sure, the Boise State/Oklahoma ending was probably more significant, but it wasn’t anywhere near as chaotic as what Les Miles’ concocted. I mean, who, in their right mind, conjures up something like this:

To say “that’s not how you draw it up” is a complete and utter understatement for what we just saw. Something like: “You are a crazy motherf***er, Les, but My God, it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t ever change, you magnificent bastard.” is more apt. The fact that it took the review booth over four minutes to reach a decision on the flip-fumble-lateral thing shows just how magnificent it was.

The average-Joe human mind couldn’t comprehend what it had just witnessed, so taking four-plus minutes allowing it to digest and articulate what it saw is understandable.

This, folks, is what you get when Les Miles’ brain starts churning. Not only was the fake field goal a call worthy of the all time “Balls of Fame” designation, the pass play to Terrence Toliver that directly followed it was just as important; almost as much as Toliver’s great end zone catch that gave LSU the lead.

In case you missed, geauxTlGERS has posted the last part of the game, from the fake field goal to Toliver’s game-winner. If you missed it, it’s worth the watch; all nine-plus minutes:

That, folks, is how one coaches football with balls on the brain — and it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Flip Throw Ins + Opponent’s Face = Good Times

I’ve never been athletic or coordinated enough to complete one of these awesome throw in techniques, but they are certainly fun to watch.

I can only imagine what it would be like to smash an arch-rival in the face with one. Bonus: No foul would be called either because the defender isn’t quick enough to get out of the way.

H/T to The Beautiful Game (via The Offside)