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Posts Tagged ‘Bad Fans’

Derek Fisher’s Wild Night

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Fisher Lied

It’s safe to say that some Utah Jazz fans aren’t the biggest fans of Los Angeles Lakers clutch machine, Derek Fisher. Whether their initial reason for the fan-hate is legitimate or not, their dislike for the Lakers guard, especially now that the sweep is complete, now has reason. While folks like Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant are being praised for the Jazz series, especially the close-out game, the 12 points provided by Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown in the fourth quarter made all the difference in the game.

Fisher’s damage came from a early-fourth quarter 3-point bomb, that was quickly followed by a three free throws, courtesy of Deron Williams fouling Fisher during a 3-point attempt. Add to that Brown’s two fourth quarter 3-pointers, and you see how the 111-96 advantage got that point.

Yes, Bryant and Gasol finished the job, but without those four three-point plays, even more would’ve been required from the Lakers’ dynamic duo. Important 3-pointers and misguided fans aside, that wasn’t the extent of Fisher’s interesting night.

Highlights of Fisher’s night after the jump >>

Bob Huggins Lays Down the “Law”

Bob Huggins

Whether it’s basketball or football, it’s always a good time when Pitt and West Virginia get together. There’s a genuine affection between the two fanbases, one that extends beyond mere physical activity. Um, yeah. About that. I mean, the rivalry is called the “Backyard Brawl” for goodness’ sake. To say there’s no love lost would be understating things. The latest edition of the Backyard Brawl saw the Panthers traveling to West Virginia, and if you’re a fan of unruly student fans throwing things at opposing coaching staffs, this game was for you.

Watch Huggins work the crowd after the jump >>

Dwight Howard Has No Time For Negativity

Dwight Howard

Who knew mining Twitter could produce such fun content? That’s three Twitter-based posts in one week; meaning it’s safe to say I’m a Twitter stalker.

Anyway, Orlando’s man-child is understandably pleased with last night’s Boston/Orlando outcome, and he’s taken to the preferred method of communicating to share his relief: Blogs and Twitter. On his personal blog, Howard discusses why last night was so much more productive for him than Game 5. He credits his ability to crash the boards and run the floor. No calling for the ball here, nor are there any questions about his coach and the decisions being made. On his Twitter, however, Howard is be dealing with some fans who don’t like the Magic’s chances in Game 7.

More on Dwight’s Twitter adventure after the jump >>

Big Baby Apologizes

Big Baby

After a overzealous, sore-losing parent made a big deal about absolutely nothing, Boston Celtics forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis was left in a position where an apology — or some kind of an acknowledgment — was needed. To his credit, Davis rose above the weak attempt by a fan to make a big deal out of essentially nothing and apologized for making contact with the young fan. Too bad the boy’s father had to exploit the incident to draw attention to himself in the guise of being worried about his family’s safety.

Oddly enough, that concern was nowhere to be found when Davis hit the shot in question because the father was too busy being mad/upset/disappointed/heartbroken by Davis’ clutch shooting to even notice the aftermath.

Nevertheless, Davis took the high road and apologized for his actions.

More Big Baby madness after the jump >>

Big Baby’s Shot Spawns Sore Losers

Big Baby Davis

Besides giving the Celtics some much-needed life — a 3-1 deficit would be daunting for many teams — Glen “Big Baby” Davis also ruffled some feathers thanks to his post-shot celebration. While he was running back to the Celtics’ bench, Davis celebrated by screaming loudly about his accomplishments. Unfortunately, he also came into contact with younger Orlando Magic fan, and while he didn’t shove him out of the way in some egregious manner, the contact did cause the younger fan to stumble.

Unfortunately, it also created a sore spot for the child’s parent, and said parent wants revenge. Or an apology. In a tersely worded email, Orlando Magic fan Ernest Provetti voiced his displeasure with Big Baby’s post-shot antics, something Provetti missed entirely, judging by the video and the animated gif.

Provetti is circled in the lead image. Please notice his back is turned to the action.

Check out the non-dial-up friendly image after the jump >>

Giants Fans Don’t Like to Lose

I thought folks from Bright-Lights-Big-City areas were inherently smarter than the SEC Football crowd. At least, that’s what were told by the thousands upon thousands of Manhattan-ites populating the sports blogosphere. I mean, SEC country is nothing but a bunch of flyover states with hicks for fans, right? Well, it looks like fan stupidity isn’t something the south has a corner on, thanks the brilliance on display from this group of New York Giants fans after they got smacked in the face by the Philadelphia Eagles.

I think the videos speak for themselves:

There’s also longer video of this group’s unadulterated brilliance: After the jump >>

Rutgers Fans Salute UNC Beatdown

Rutgers Salute

While UNC was chopping the Rutgers wood last night, at least one of the Rutgers faithful was none to happy there were cameras to record the whuppin’ and weren’t afraid to share their feelings about it. Here’s to fast cutaways from the ESPN camera crew.

Good times, good times.

I am left wondering why Mr. Upset Rutgers Fan didn’t direct his ire at the Rutgers coaching staff. It’s not ESPN’s fault UNC was going to town on the Scarlet Knights. Chop that wood, indeed.

People Can Really, Really Suck

Saw this over at WithLeather and after reading, I don’t know what I’m more disgusted by: Jerramy Stevens or this pathetic Packer fan who decided to take his drunken frustrations out on innocent bystanders:

Why would anyone gun down a random women in a drive-thru? Until now, few knew. Multiple sources shed light on the shocking evidence. Evidence, that the Green Bay Packers losing playoff performance, could be one of many things that motivated Kyle Bormann to allegedly kill Brittany Williams.

Picking up dinner for her father, Brittany Williams dies in a drive-thru. Eight-thirty on January 20th, a bullet rips through her car, killing her instantly. Police say Kyle Bormann pulled the trigger on a high-powered rifle one hundred yards up 30th Street from the Florence fast-food restaurant…

For his (alleged) disgusting, selfish, childish actions, Bormann faces life in prison or the death penalty… I know which one I’m hoping for.