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Posts Tagged ‘Bad Decisions’

What in THE Hell? (Boston Red Sox)

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Pink Red Sox Cap

What in the blue hell is that monstrosity? A scratch-and-sniff baseball cap? What the hell for? Are things like this really, really in demand from an economy-starved public? Watermelons on a baseball cap? Granted, the thing was designed and is being marketed at children young ladies, but do parents really want their fledgling Red Sox fan to look like a dork? Wouldn’t they rather have them look like real fans instead of a reject from the Strawberry Shortcake factory?

Furthermore, I thought the whole “female sports fans wear pink” fad was over.

Stellar baseball cap technology after the jump >>

Friday Fun: “Real” Martial Arts Vs Real MMA

Judging by the YouTube views, it’s safe to say some of you have seen this video before, but if not, it’s worth the time. What we have is a Kiai Master — the yell you give before a strike — who apparently has a high midi-chlorian count because in the preview portion of the video, it shows the Master striking his opponents without touching them. Yeah, the guy is billing himself as a black-belt Yoda. Anyway, Kiai Master de jour issues a challenge to any MMA fighter, saying if he can be beaten, he’ll pay the fighter $5000.

Bad decision.

Apparently, his version of the Force was no match for a solid fist to the face, nor the knee that followed. In fact, the look of surprise on the Master’s face when he gets hit the first time is similar to White Goodman: “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, NOBODY!!!”

H/t to MMA Scraps for the find. Just in time for UFC 96, too.