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Posts Tagged ‘Bad Coaching’

That’s How You Coach Defense (Gold Cup)

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Thank goodness for this year’s Gold Cup. Otherwise, I would be drowning in a world of Major League Baseball. Much like Santino Quaranta’s fantastic strike on Wednesday night, last night’s match between Panama and Mexico provided some fireworks; although, I don’t think they are the kind CONCACAF intended. What we have is Mexico’s coach, Javier Aguirre, helping out his defense in whatever way he can think of. In this case, with his legs; against an opposing Panamanian player in the field of play.

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Where George Karl’s Coaching Happens

It was a great Game 1 between Denver and Los Angeles. Just about everything an NBA Playoff person could ask for. Stupendous offensive performances by two of the league’s best players. Lead changes. Rough, but not dirty play. Drama. The list continues. Unfortunately, when the game came down to winning time — or in the Nuggets case, tie the game time — a poor coaching decision helped determine the outcome.

When Anthony Carter through the now-infamous pass to Trevor Ariza — Surprise! He plays for the other team! — it culminated a questionable strategy by Karl for sticking with him to begin with, let alone allowing one of the smaller players on the floor to inbound the ball against a taller defender.

Bill Simmons didn’t like the move. I didn’t either. Of course, there are no certainties here. Denver could’ve missed whatever game-tying shot they took, but the coaching decision that was made prevented them from even finding out.

In Karl’s defense, he didn’t have too much of a choice concerning Anthony Carter considering how poorly J.R. Smith was performing. With that in mind, I don’t think I’d be too trustworthy of Dahntay Jones in such a position either.

Then there’s the case of Denver’s missed free throws (23-35).

Nevertheless, Denver still had a chance to tie the game and if someone besides Carter throws the ball in — someone like Carmelo, perhaps — the game still might be going on. I’m guess it would be in its 20th overtime for that to happen, but one can dream, can’t one? For that, the responsibility falls directly on the head coach, who can actually control which player inbounds the ball.

Billy Gillispie Was Kind Of A Jerk

Perhaps Alan Cutler was trying to run Billy Gillispie out of town. Considering the amount of behind-the-scenes “If this is true, he’s worse than anyone thought” news that’s come out since Gillispie made way for John Calipari, I can understand if that’s what Cutler was ultimately doing. Now we have news about some Nike t-shirts, which support the rumors about Gillispie not liking his star player, Jodie Meeks.

First, a recap of the how their relationship may or may not have ended:

[Gillispie] told Jodie Meeks in a number of games to stop shooting and decried him for his selfishness, even during his 54 point performance in Knoxville. He told Meeks he should quit on a number of occasions and even threatened to kick him off the team in his last game ever, in South Bend during the NIT.

Now, on to the shirts in question. After Meeks torched the Volunteers with his 54-point explosion, Nike apparently made some not-for-resale t-shirts to commemorate Meeks’ accomplishment.

54 T-shirt
Image courtesy of

Unfortunately, the players didn’t receive them until yesterday. Evidently, they had been sitting in Kentucky’s practice facility, still in the boxes Nike shipped them in. What a grand way to foster healthy coach/player relationships. Good thing Calipari didn’t go the same Team Chemistry school Gillispie attended. Kentucky’s new coach handed the shirts out to the players at a practice session with his blessing:

“I loved that game for a lot of different reasons,” Calipari said in a sly reference to the Memphis-Tennessee rivalry. “But I loved what I saw in how he played and the heart that he showed.”

Too bad the coach on the bench during the Meeks explosion didn’t share the same appreciation.

Mike Jarvis Freaks Out

Now that he’s moved on from taking down St Johns’ basketball program, Mike Jarvis makes his living coaching the Florida Atlantic Owls basketball team. Currently, the FAU Owls are 4-16 (0-8 in the Sun Belt); obviously not as successful as some hoped when the Jarvis hiring was announced. However, his brief tenure might have come to a head last night when Jarvis decided he’d let his frustrations out on the officials.

The result of Jarvis’ outbursts? Four–count em, FOUR– technical fouls, being ejected from the game and escorted out of the gym via police escort. Oh, and his team lost the game after giving up the lead, courtesy of the resulting technical foul free throws.

But before that the game spun when Jarvis was called for four straight technicals. It turned out to be a 10-point swing, because ULM made 7 of the 8 free throws then got a rebound and scored a 3–point shot, so FAU;s 31-30 lead was suddenly a 40-31 deficit with 2 minutes left in the half, and while the Owls clawed and fought, they couldn’t come back.

The piece’s author, Ted Hutton, expects Jarvis to suspended for a game or two; however, considering his record at FAU, is firing a suitable punishment or will the university wipe their hands of the whole mess?

Frank Gore Hurts the Fantasy Football Soul

Frank Gore

Dig, if you will, a picture: You and I engaged in a fantasy football contest. Down by two with Frank Gore going against Arizona’s defense — it increased the heat between me and my opponent.

/When Doves Cry

Down by two but one of my best players is still in the game going against the defense my fantasy opponent is starting. Those bad interceptions gave said opponent a two-point lead, but you can’t give up hope as long as Frank Gore is still in play, right? And so, I didn’t. Now the game gets is getting tight: San Fran is driving and manages to get the ball down to the goal line — about a yard or so short — and immediately, I’m thinking Gore’s going to punch it in and I am going to snatch fantasy victory from the jaws of defeat.

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