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Posts Tagged ‘Bacon’

The Bacon Bracket Rules Us All

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Bacon Bracket

The culinary creator who brought us the God-like Bacon Lombardi Trophy is back again with another marriage of bacon and sports masterpiece: The Bacon Bracket. As you can see in the lead image, the name provides us a perfect description of the bacon-y goodness in Ben Krout’s latest development. For this creation, it looks like Krout made liberal use of what looks like a Cheez Whiz substance to create the bracket look.

The teams are represented by strips of bacon, naturally.

One hopes the losing team’s bacon piece gets eaten as a reminder that, while failure might suck, it can taste pretty damn good when there’s some bacon to go along with it.

H/t to The Shiver for the heads up.

Oh, and speaking of bacon, today’s the last full day to join IF’s Bacon Explosion Bracket Challenge (PW: letmein) over at Yahoo’s Tournament Pick’em thingee. Don’t miss out on your chance to win over four pounds of pork goodness.

The Bacon Lombardi Trophy is God-Like

Bacombardi Trophy

That masterpiece of culinary greatness (and bacon) is called the Bacon Lombardi Trophy, or Bacombardi Trophy for short, and thanks to a great find from our friends over at BBQ Addicts blog, we now know what a Super Bowl trophy made entirely out of bacon looks like.

They should’ve sent a poet.

According to their post, this monstrosity of bacon madness was created by Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout, and naturally, it was made for their recent Super Bowl party. All I can say after seeing the pictures is “Damn, that is beautiful.” In fact, if the NFL decided to nix the current Lombardi Trophy in favor of this testament to the power of bacon, I don’t think anyone would complain.

Of course, you’d have to make a new one each season, but then again, that’s the price you’d have to pay for handing 300-pound slabs of muscle a trophy made of that much delicious bacon.

The Super Bowl Means Super Eating

Super Bowl Food

The most popular Sunday of the year is approaching. Naturally, I’m talking about Super Bowl Sunday. But what does this upcoming day of “rest” offer sports fans like us? Football? Well, yeah, but it’s more than just men in plastic armor pounding on each other for three-plus hours. Commercials? Yes, but we’ve already covered those. Plus, if the only thing you are looking forward to is televised ad pitches, you’ve probably missed the point of Super Bowl Sunday.

No, the other thing I’m talking about is good eating. The Super Bowl means Super Bowl parties, which means lots and lots of good food. With that in mind, we’ve collected some nifty Super Bowl food ideas to help with Sunday’s mastication.

Get your napkins ready.

Super food after the jump >>