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Posts Tagged ‘Awesome Fans’

Captain America Is Alive and Well

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Captain America

No, IF did not become the latest Marvel Comics blog — although, I like the sound of that — but when his death has been widely reported, these errors must be pointed out: Captain America is alive and apparently, he likes watching his soccer team play in the Gold Cup, b-team or not. Oh, and it looks like he turned his shield into a tuba.

Looks like the reports of his resurrection were quite accurate after all.

Tar Heel Fans Rush Franklin Street

Franklin Street

Ah, the post championship game “riot.” Nothing symbolizes victory like a heap of college students going ape shit at the popular campus spot. Such is the case with Carolina fans and Franklin Street after the Tar Heels dispatched Michigan State for their fifth national title. According to reports, about 30,000 students and fans showed up on Franklin Street (and the surrounding area) after the game and celebrated quite hardily. Considering all the hubbub, the fact there were only 26 reported injury incidents speaks volumes about the Chapel Hill faithful’s behavior. While there were good times had by most, things didn’t get out of hand, at least, not to the degree of previous fan celebrations.

There were some reports of various hijinks, but most of that seemed to be limited to tearing down street signs and the like:

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Who Knew Cricket Was This Hot?

NSFW Cricket

I lived in England for the better part of 12 years — military brat — making me vaguely familiar with cricket; well, enough to know it wasn’t quite for me. I do not, however, recall seeing cricket fans acting like the randy lass in the image above me — nor in the video after the jump. What we have is simply a great find by our namesake, Unprofessional Foul (via, With Leather) of two lovely ladies enjoying some afternoon bowling and batting from the comfort of what looks like a box seat. One of the girls is on the phone when the person she’s talking to evidently lets her know her and her friend are on-camera.

Her friend makes the most of their fleeting fame by giving us something to remember her by:

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