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Posts Tagged ‘Augusta National’

The Tradition. The Masters. The Green Jacket.

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I’m not sure what day it was when I became my dad. One thing is for certain, it was probably when I started to enjoy watching golf on television. I don’t believe I am alone when I say that I grew up in a household with a father who never played golf but who inexplicably always watched it on television. The Masters.  Back in those days, there were about 5 channels you could actually watch.

As a child, I remember sitting there wondering how my father could possibly be enjoying The Masters or any other PGA golf tournament.  He was sleeping on the sofa! I could see why he enjoyed it. It was the 1970s equivalent of washing down a few Ambien with a bottle of Nyquil. Today, I enjoy watching golf while my children sit in wonderment about why I am a viewer. At least I speak to them about the game, The Masters, and just how difficult the game of golf is. I’m not sleeping.

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Great News For PGA Golfers Everywhere

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is swinging the clubs again and says:

I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my legs,” he said. “The range of motion is good. The only difference is I’ve just got to watch that I don’t overdo it so the leg doesn’t swell. I had a lot of pain early on, but lately, no.”

To quote a staple of cartoons and pop culture, “Ruh-roh, Raggy.” Considering the part legs play in generating club head speed added to the power Tiger was capable of before his injury … well, you can do the math. Woods is intent on being back in time for the 2009 Masters, and when you consider his history at Augusta, I think we all understand why.

The Masters: Mind If We Play Through?

The Masters

There’s a golf tournament of note that’s underway in Georgia; one you may have heard of. Yes, I’m talking about The Masters. The hunt for the Green Jacket is already underway, although, they experienced a 40-minute fog delay; moving the start times of the rest of the field back. Currently, there are about 20 golfers on the course with Heath Slocum sitting atop the leader board at 2-under.

The center of this tournament’s attention, one Eldrick Woods, is scheduled to tee off at 10:45 EST and he’ll be joined by Angel Cabrera and Stuart Appleby. Of course, the main storyline for this year’s Masters is can Tiger Woods complete the first leg of the Majors Grand Slam, something he seems bound and determined to accomplish.

While doing so is entirely unheard of; I, for one, am not willing to bet against Woods.

If you’d like to keep up with the leaderboard, you can do so over at the PGA’s site (amongst a million other places). But if you’d like some first-class live blogging to go along with your Masters enjoyment, head on over to Sooze’s newest creation, In The Weeds.

The fine folks over there (I’m included) will be providing live updates for your reading pleasure so make sure you stop by. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing the live thing, but I will be commenting so make sure you drop in see what’s going on. Good times. We promise.

Just to get you in the mood, here’s the video of Tiger’s incredible chip from the 16th hole in 2005 — followed by the most awkward high-five in the history of sports.