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Posts Tagged ‘Auburn Tigers’

Nick Fairley Gets His Belt

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Yes, the prophetic Nick Fairley donned his championship belt when Auburn beat Georgia some weeks ago, but now that the BCS Championship game has come and gone Fairley received a real championship belt for his hard, hard work he put in against the Oregon Ducks. I don’t think Darron Thomas will forget Fairley’s presence anytime soon.
Fairley get his belt >>

SI Tries To Do What the NCAA and the SEC Couldn’t

Cam Newton

In a move that’s sure to make Mike Bianchi happy, Sports Illustrated is trying to do what the NCAA wouldn’t and what the SEC couldn’t do: Stop Cam Newton.

Instead of relying on collegiate-level defenses and the sheer hypocrisy of the NCAA — Enes Kanter says “hi” to the Cam Newton ruling — SI turned to their tried-and-true method, the SI cover jinx.

Newton graces their latest cover, and it’s pretty clear, at least to me, SI is doing it because they have money on Oregon winning and putting Newton on the cover is the only way they can conceive of stopping him. I mean, you can almost see Phil Knight’s fingerprints all over this, and I’m sure the discussion went something like:

“Hey, you guys want some free Air Jordans? Put Cammy-Cam on the cover. I warn you, however: if my Ducks don’t win, I’m buying the company.”

The Run Heisman Winners Are Made Out Of

Cam Newton

Now that the dust has settled and Denard Robinson’s early season magic has given way to defenses trying to contain him — successfully, I might add — there’s a new Heisman favorite taking the stage and his name is Cam Newton. To put it mildly, Newton is a runaway train that other SEC defenses, even ones that are supposed to be good, like LSU’s, have little chance of stopping.

The funny thing is, there’s no secret about where the ball’s going when Newton is under center. Sure, he’ll hand the ball off on occasion, as well as attempt a pass once and a while, but his strength is running the ball, and the team on defense knows that, too.

And yet, they still can’t stop him.

Hell, containment doesn’t even look like much of an option when Newton starts doing his thing. Just ask Les Miles and his vaunted defense that allowed Newton to run for 217 yards and two touchdowns. Clearly, when Auburn gets Newton’s highlight reel together for the Heisman voters to see, the following run will be first and center.

Even though there’s four games remaining on Auburn’s schedule — they are currently 8-0 and first in the BCS standings — Newton has already thrown for over 1300 yards (with 13 touchdowns), while rushing for a gaudy 1077 (with 14 touchdowns). When offense coaches discuss balance between the run and the pass, Newton embodies that wish.

Normally, however, the balance comes from the entire offense, not just one player.

All I know is, the Auburn/Alabama game on November 26 is going to be a freaking war.

Throwback Referees Look Familiar

Orange Officials

A lot has been made about the NFL and their AFL throwback celebration via vintage AFL uniforms, which filtered all the way down to the officials, who wore orange-colored outfits to commemorate the occasion. Phrases like “dreamcicle,” “tangerine dream” and “orange push up” come to mind. However, there was another similarity, at least to me. While the support officials wore white hats with blue letter As on them, the lead official’s hat was orange, and because of that, it looked more like a hat an Auburn fan would wear instead of a NFL referee.


Auburn hat

See? It’s not just me, is it? I can’t be the only one that made this connection because I’m usually the last person these things dawn on. Should Alabama fans start protesting the similarities, asking for an officials’ hat that doesn’t show favoritism? I think so.

Tommy Tuberville Clocks Out

Tommy Tuberville

Obviously, that whole “a picture says thousand words” is true, especially in the above image. Whether Tommy Tuberville resigned on his own or was bowing to the powers of booster suggestion, one thing’s for sure — the Auburn Tigers need a new football coach.

There is a great deal being written about the “what now” scenarios, while some peculiar replacements are being discussed.

Matt Hinton also has a great breakdown about the situation, one that finds insecure boosters and an ineffective athletic department trying to replace an awfully successful coach who happened to have one subpar year.

Sounds like the Phil Fulmer scenario all over again.

Fear not, Auburn fans. Maybe your new coach’s wife will be hotter than Lane Kiffin’s.

Fire Phil Fires Up Tennessee Players

Phil Fulmer

After mistaking their way to a loss against the beloved Florida Gators, mixed with a dash of losing to a really suspect UCLA team, fans of the Tennessee Volunteers aren’t too pleased with the direction of the football program. Neither are University of Tennessee students, who voiced, er, painted their displeasure on the campus rock.

As was the intention, the “FIRE PHIL” message or any related complaining has not gone unnoticed by the Volunteers coach or his players. During his Tuesday presser, Coach Fulmer responded with the kind of candidness we like to see:

Coach Phil’s fired up after the jump >>

Thank God It’s Saturday – Week 4

Bama versus Arkansas
Do you know what tomorrow is? Of course, it’s Saturday, but for college football, it’s so much more. There are a ton of big games worth watching this weekend so let’s get started.

CFB overload after the jump. More college hotties too >>

Thank God It’s Saturday – Week 3

USC Shorts

There’s a lot of college football to watch this weekend, even with Hurricane Ike interfering the state of Texas’ football slate. The game getting all the national attention is the Navy at Duke and ESPN is pulling out all the coverage stops it can think of to bring you every aspect of Duke versus Navy you can think of.

There’s also a random meeting of the state school from Ohio and that one California school famous for their condoms; although, the hype surrounding this game is surprisingly lacking. It’s so bad, the MSM has completely missed the boat on Chris “Beanie” Wells and his questionable availability. OK, I think I’ve made my point.

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