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Posts Tagged ‘Arizona State Sun Devils’

Herb Sendek Gets In On The Dougie Craze

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…And the results are about what you’d expect. Don’t get me wrong, white guys in the basketball universe who dance are always good for laugh, thanks to the intrepid, pioneering ways of Mark Madsen, but for heaven’s sake, can we please stop with the Dougie? Hell, I’d prefer a flashback to the days where the Cabbage Patch ruled all.

In fact, I’d pay money to see Sendek do the Cabbage Patch, followed by the Running Man. Arizona State would never be the same again.

H/t to The Dagger for the find.

Thank God It’s Saturday – Week 4

Bama versus Arkansas
Do you know what tomorrow is? Of course, it’s Saturday, but for college football, it’s so much more. There are a ton of big games worth watching this weekend so let’s get started.

CFB overload after the jump. More college hotties too >>

Intentional Upset: Sun Devils Top The Cardinal

What do you do if you are down by double-digits, at home to a higher ranked team? Well, if you are Arizona State, you fight back behind the play of a freshman and beat them in overtime. And that’s exactly what they did.

Led by James Harden’s 23 points, the Sun Devils (16-7, 6-5 in the Pac-10) rallied from a late double-digit deficit to beat the 7th-ranked Stanford Cardinal (20-4, 9-3) in overtime by the score of 72-68. The Cardinal were led by the Lopez twins who combined for 46 points and 14 rebounds; not enough to overcome the Sun Devils late come-back that put the game in overtime.

For the Sun Devils, this win keeps their NCAA Tournament hopes alive, solidifying their place on the proverbial bubble. If they can finish strong, expect ASU to be dancing in March.