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Anthony SmithThere’s an old adage that says, “never let your mouth write checks your body can’t cash,” which is something Pittsburgh Steelers safety Anthony Smith discovered after the New England Patriots finished their systematic beatdown of the Steelers yesterday by the score of 34-13. At the center of the whipping was the guarantee issued by Smith earlier in the week when he said Pittsburgh would indeed beat the undefeated Patriots on the Pats’ home field.

As the final score revealed, Smith’s tactics backfired as New England stayed in attack mode after the outcome had been decided. As expected, Smith’s guarantee was on the minds of New England’s players during the post-game interviews and they were happy to remind Smith he was the one who had to face his teammates after running his mouth like that.

Not only did the Patriots have issues with Smith’s prognostication abilities, they also victimized him with two deep scoring passes that took advantage of his coverage skills. Pats wide receiver Jabar Gaffney, who caught a touchdown pass because of Smith’s misjudgment, had this to say:

“He basically called us out,” said Patriots wide receiver Jabar Gaffney, who caught one of four Tom Brady touchdown passes and one of the two on which the Patriots obviously went after Smith like sharks converging on chum. “He’s young. He’ll learn.”

Congratulations, Anthony. Not only did you words fire-up a team that may be one of the best ever in the NFL’s long history, your “guarantee” put you in the running for this blog’s prestigious award. During a weekend that saw the University of Kentucky basketball team play like utter **** against Indiana and the horrific performance the Ravens displayed against the Colts last night, your words of wisdom separated you from the pack.

Anthony Smith, you are this week’s winner of the Player of the Weak award. Be sure to wear this distinction with pride. Before you go, be sure and enjoy the video of Brady/Moss “flea-flicker.” Smith is number 27 and he winds up on the ground while Gaffney goes into the end zone unopposed. Hat-tip to The Sporting Blog for finding the video.