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The NFL Pro Bowl was last night — here are some ideas how to improve it — and considering all the love the regular season gets, it has to be one of the more underappreciated All Star events in pro sports. Consider this: the regular season of baseball, and basketball for that matter, is nowhere near as interesting as the NFL’s regular season — at least the sports-watching public — but the All Star games from the NBA and MLB are immensely more popular than the All Star game for the country’s most popular sport. Odd. Nevertheless, the Pro Bowl was indeed played last night and what did we learn?

Larry Fitzgerald confirmed his best receiver in the league status — the game’s MVP — althought his running mate, Anquan Boldin, apparently wants to play with Clinton Portis next season. That’s too bad for Arizona fans, because when you consider the level Fitzgerald is on, the pairing of him and Boldin would continue to give the Arizona Cardinals an unstoppable force at wide receiver.

Oh well. Let’s all go get paid instead!!!

H/t to YBB for the find.