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Posts Tagged ‘Animated Gifs’

Aaron Rodgers Gets His Championship Belt

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Aaron Rodgers

To the victor goes the spoils, the rings, the trophies, the “Got Milk” ads, the “I’m going to Disney World” exclamations and, well, considering it’s the Super Bowl winner/MVP we’re talking about, I’m sure Rodgers can get just about anything he asks for, especially in Green Bay. While those perks are great and all, there’s also another item Rodgers received for his Super Bowl MVP efforts which might be worth more to him than the rest of that stuff: his championship belt.

At different times during the season, Rodgers put on his imaginary belt as a way of celebrating key plays and touchdowns. Clearly, Rodgers knew it was all leading up to the biggest stage in football, if not all of sports, and when the time came to collect the belt, Rodgers delivered in spades. In fact, his performance was so belt-worthy, Rodgers was presented with a real belt, courtesy of Dana White and Chuck Liddell. He then reminded the world the belt is his when he accepted the Lombardi Trophy from Roger Goodell:

After the break, an animated gif let’s the world know who the champ really is >>

Marshawn Lynch Destroys The Saints

Marshawn Lynch

Hasselbeck loves it

And that, folks, is how a 7-9 Seattle Seahawks team absolutely shocks the defending Super Bowl champions: Four touchdown passes from a celebrating Matt Hasselbeck and a 67-yard touchdown run from one of the more enjoyable players in football, Marshawn Lynch. The phrase “beast mode” has always been associated with Lynch, or “beef mode,” if you will — because of his jeweled fronts –and after his eye-popping, game-sealing touchdown, which included a devastating stiff arm that bowled Tracy Porter over so much, he was rendered useless, Lynch was clearly in complete beast, or beef mode (depending on your preference).

After the jump, a gif of Lynch’s beast mode touchdown >>

Barry Richardson’s Sideline Adventure

After Barry Richardson’s misadventures on the offensive line got him sent to the bench, he responded in a manner that makes for great blog fodder: Pushing an assistant coach and, well, whoever else got close to him. He followed that up by trying to run back on the field, rejoining the offensive line. Um, about that, Barry.

There’s video of these good times over at Shutdown Corner, and since the NFL is removing other videos from YouTube — Sigh, still with that? Really? — here are a couple of animated images, allowing you to keep these memories forever.

After the jump >>

Shay Shines The Brightest

In a weekend filled with Cam Newton and his juice, Chip Kelly and his offense, Matt Ryan’s comeback, Brett Favre getting hammered, Peyton Manning throwing interceptions, Joe Flacco bouncing fourth down pass attempts and a decent finale for The Walking Dead, a 6-2 junior for the High Point Panthers had the best play of the weekend with a slam dunk that was so nasty, it just might win the admittedly still-early “Dunk of the Year” for the 2010/11 season of college basketball.

And no, that wasn’t hyperbole.

Yes, the “Dunk of the Year” field is filling up rather quickly, but none so far have shined brighter than Shay’s. And you’re damn right, that pun was intended. Shine’s dunk was so bright, his assistant coach — Mike Balado — ran to Twitter to inform the masses.

Digression: Coach Balado follows the Kardashian sisters. For some reason, I find that humorously interesting.

After the jump, the obligatory Shay Shine animated gif >>

Dwight Howard GIFs Are Full of Win

While he might be an oversized man-child, there’s no denying the raw talent level of Dwight Howard. Just ask Luol Deng. Deng tried to complete a driving layup against the Magic defense, and he was rewarded quite rudely by Howard, who pimp-slapped Deng’s offering into the next zip code. The block was so impressive, it had to be preserved in animated gif format, an unexpected renaissance that proves without a doubt what’s old is most definitely new again — in relation to web design, anyway.

After the jump, Dwight blocks in gif format >>