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Posts Tagged ‘Andrew Bogut’

Bill Walker Pisses All Over Andrew Bogut

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When he’s not peeing in towels, Bill Walker likes showing off his athleticism with assorted dunks and assorted frivolity. Just ask Andrew Bogut, who made the mistake of not jumping high enough while trying to block Walker’s dunk attempt. The result was pretty fierce.

You can tell by the expression on Walker’s face.

Nevertheless, the Milwaukee Bucks got the last laugh by beating the Knicks down by 27 points. Maybe Bogut was feeling charitable and let Walker finish the dunk so he and his Knicks teammates wouldn’t get disillusioned. The question for Bucks fans is, at 3-5, now a good time to “Fear the Deer,” or will their team continue to be maddeningly inconsistent?

Kevin Garnett Dunks, Elbows and Clarifies

Kevin Garnett

Clearly, Kevin Garnett is a lightning rod. Whether it his gesticulations and jawing after, well, anything good for the Celtics happens, or his desire to get under the opponent’s skin, KG is obviously no longer the gentle giant he was portrayed to be while in Minnesota. Furthermore, he seems to embrace this new “bad guy” persona, and he never misses a chance to try and get under the skin of whichever opponent he’s around.

Just ask Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva for the most current confirmation. Garnett dunked in Bogut’s general vicinity and decided to pop his elbow out, and into Bogut’s chest after he landed. Bogut was none-to-pleased and let KG know about it:

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Andrew Bogut Is Enjoying the First Round

Andrew Bogut

While he might not be playing due to a gruesome elbow injury, that doesn’t mean Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut isn’t enjoying the NBA Playoffs, especially when his team is playing at home. In case you missed it, during the Bucks’ win in Game 3, Bucks fans serenaded Bogut with the Australian National Team chant towards the end of their Game 3 blowout of the Atlanta Hawks, who, apparently, don’t like winning basketball games when they aren’t playing at home.

To say Bogut enjoyed hearing the chant from Bucks fans would be an understatement; something the following animated gif demonstrates nicely.

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Andrew Bogut Is All Alone

They say the NBA is a team sport but apparently, that doesn’t apply to the Milwaukee Bucks. Take, for instance, this following clip. What we have is Bucks center Andrew Bogut shooting some free throws and after he makes the first one, he does what most free throw shooters do and looks for somebody to slap five with. But what happens when no one is there to return your request for a pound?

Well, let’s see:

I guess you wind up slapping hands with your invisible friends. It’s either that or Bogut was trying to make a point to the rest of his team. Something like, “where’s the love, guys?”

H/T to Brew Hoop for this awesome find.