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Posts Tagged ‘Andre Iguodala’

Young NBA Greats Relive Air Jordan Moments

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Rajon Rondo

Sony’s Sports 2K series, while perhaps not getting the same unconditional love as EA Sports, has been producing quality sports games. Unfortunately, their catalog no longer includes the NFL, thanks to the EA’s exclusive deal, but that hasn’t stopped from making great NBA simulations. Thanks to a special, highly-coveted guest start, this year’s NBA 2K11 looks like they’ve upped the ante by including perhaps the best, most famous basketball player ever.

I am, of course, talking about Michael Jeffrey Jordan. The inclusion of the man, they myth, is, from Sony’s perspective, the natural evolution of their brand. Simply put, you get to play as Michael Jordan, reliving some of his greatest on-the-court accomplishments, among other options.

If I’m not mistaken, Jordan will also be available as a rookie to be drafted, meaning you can mold his career how and on whatever franchise you see fit.

Now, something so cool — I bought a PS3 pretty much for this game — doesn’t really need a lot of publicity or marketing campaigns to attract the masses. With Jordan on the cover, the thing will sell itself. That, however, didn’t stop them from creating an awesome commercial, featuring the NBA’s new breed playing, enjoying, and reminiscing about their favorite Jordan moves.

We have Derrick Rose baking a Jordan cake, Rajon Rondo washing windows, while Andre Iguodala Josh Smith and Russell Westbrook join in from the couch. What follows? Well, see for yourself:

I, for one, am impatiently biding my time until October 5. Watch out, too, because if I’m not careful, I’ll have Michael Jordan playing for that new pro team in Lexington — the Kentucky Wildcats: NBA Edition.

H/t to YBB for the find.

Iverson, Sixers Together Again

Philadelphia’s wayward son is back home now that the 76ers have signed him to a remainder-of-the-season contract. Iverson is expected to make his second Philadelphia debut on Monday. Until then, let’s hope he’s ready for some practice. It’s oddly fitting then, seeing how Iverson is back on a team that uses numbers for their mascot, that there are some eerie number combinations in play in relation to his time with the team. Henry Abbot has more:

Your Allen Iverson numerology update: Iverson last played for Sixers on December 6 (2006). On December 8, the Sixers said they were going to trade him. Now it looks like he’ll return on that day in the middle, December 7.

Spooky stuff. Of course, the only numbers the 76ers’ front office is concerned with is wins. And ticket sales. With that in mind, does Iverson’s return improve them or will it make players like Andre Iguodala take a back seat to Iverson’s method of demanding the ball?

The fans will, in all likelihood, turn out in support of AI, but will he make the Sixers a better team? Not everyone thinks so.

Andre Iguodala Goes Baseline

Over at YouTube, one of the uploads of Andre Iguodala’s nasty baseline jam against the New Jersey Nets called it a “f**k dunk” and you know, I think they’re on to something. If ever there was a f**k dunk, this one is it, because “posterize” doesn’t quite seem to capture all its beauty. When you dunk on three people — in this case, Brook Lopez, Josh Boone and Terrence Williams — in such acrobatically-destructive ways, you’ve passed posterization and moved on to the rarefied air of f**k dunks. For the record, Iggy’s dunk helped give the Nets their eighth straight loss, moving them to a lottery-bound 0-8 on the fledgling 2009/10 season.

Now, you might scoff at the fact a dunk in the first quarter impacted a win in any significant manner, but when you consider the fact the Sixers won by three points, that dunk, while being extremely filthy, was also an important basket for Philadelphia.

Remember, all these points have a tendency to add up.

Where Andre Iguodala Happens (NBA Playoffs)

So far, the two teams everybody thought was capable of challenging LeBron and company are trailing in their respective series. Boston trails to Derrick Rose and the Bulls, while Orlando finds themselves in a 0-1 deficit, thanks to the game-winning antics of Andre Iguodala. After spending much of the second half (hell, the game) trailing Orlando, Philadelphia chipped away at the Magic’s lead, as Dwight and crew failed to put the inconsistent Sixers away.

For their troubles (or their lacking killer instinct), the Magic now found themselves trailing a team some expected Orlando to sweep. So who’s gets the accolades here? Iguodala for finishing the comeback or do the Magic get the blame for allowing the Sixers to erase a 14-point fourth quarter lead? Did the Magic retreat into a “we can coast in fourth” mindset or did Philly simply take Game One away from Dwight Howard’s crew?

Probably a little bit of both, but the credit goes to Iggie and the blame goes to Orlando for playing like a first-time playoff team. The lesson for the Magic here is, put teams away, especially when they have a player like Iguodala who can provide game-stealing fireworks.

Game 2 is on Wednesday night on NBA TV.

Andre Iguodala Buries the Lakers

Now that’s the way you get an extended road trip started. Just ask Andre Iguodala and the Philadelphia 76ers, who, thanks to Iggie’s last-second 3-pointer, beat the best team in the league — record-wise — on their home court. Not only did Iguodala provide the game-winning heroics, he also did a great job on Kobe Bryant at the defensive end, holding the Mamba to 11 points on 15 shot attempts.

Next up for the road warrior Sixers — the Phoenix Suns, featuring the Big Funda-Twitter.