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At Intentional Foul, we aren’t opposed to using hot chicks for your viewing pleasure and to keep you around a little longer… and neither should you. Just enjoy it. For this week’s edition, we are taking a queue from Playboy’s 2nd annual Sexiest Sportscaster contest (my vote was for Lindsay Soto), however, we are focusing on someone they inexplicably forgot about.

This week’s award, which is also represents the inaugural edition, goes to Amber Wilson of the CBS Sportsline video department (she is hosting the 11/15 Sports Update). Amber’s a Florida Gator, proving the idea that everyone has some kind of flaw. She does, however, offer some things most male Internet-using sports fans enjoy: hotness and a sound knowledge of sports.

Sounds like marriage material to me. Check her out below:

Amber Wilson Amber Wilson

Congratulations Amber. You’re the first winner of this incredibly prestigious award. ;)

If you’d like to see more of Ms. Wilson, you can do so here and here.