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One thing’s for sure, there are a lot more hotter women’s tennis players than we are led to believe. One such player we’ve already discussed in Elena Dementieva; and now we have Alona Bondarenko (Hooked on Fonix werked 4 me), another stunner from the Slavic region of the globe.

Alona Bondarenko

But like I indicated, these examples aren’t the only ones.

In Alona’s case, she rose to blogger fame on the strength of her K-Swiss advertisement (above) that showed up a little while ago, well, that and her ability to hit a tennis ball. However, in the case of the blogosphere, it was probably more for the K-Swiss image.

Eh, we are what we are. ;) Without further adieu, I present more Alona Bondarenko. Congratulations on your IEC award.

Alona Bondarenko Alona Bondarenko Alona Bondarenko

Bonus: a video comparison of Alona and Maria Sharapova for your Friday enjoyment.