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Posts Tagged ‘Ali Farokhmanesh’

Marcus Morris Thunder Dunks All Over Miami of Ohio

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Look out below, there, Antonio Ballard, because there’s a Kansas Jayhawk-themed Mack Truck by the name of Marcus Morris — he of the Morris twins — heading directly for your head. Oops, too late. Ballard, like the rest of the Miami of Ohio Redhawks, got absolutely destroyed by Morris and his band of merry Kansas Jayhawks. The beating was so severe, the Miami players believe Kansas is a better team than the Duke Blue Devils.

They aren’t the only ones either.  Basketball Prospectus moved KU into their number one spot as well.

Granted, with Duke’s freshman sensation Kyrie Irving on the shelf with a foot injury, coupled with how well the Jayhawks have been playing, it’s easy to see why people are taking a shine to Bill Self’s latest edition of Kansas basketball; and as long as the Jayhawks avoid three-point bombs from Ali Farokhmanesh, they should be fine.

H/t to Ballin’ Is A Habit for the video.

Poor Samantha Ryan

Sam Ryan

Perhaps the most famous porn star/college basketball fan has to be feeling a little down in the dumps today, while trying valiantly to get over whatever hard feelings she has towards Ali Farokhmanesh. Such is the case when you’re convinced your team can’t lose and they do just that. Perhaps that little video she did for The Shiver came back to haunt her.

Whatever the case, the KU fan with the porn star heart of gold is nowhere to be found — at least on the web’s most popular way to mindlessly communicate.

Considering her Twitter account was full of pro Jayhawks blather, I guess I shouldn’t seem too surprised. But if someone is going to run their mouth, perhaps they should stick around and accept whatever responses their trash-talking generated — especially when their team falls flat on its face. Of course, most instigators don’t want to hear that kind of talk when dealing with failure. Maybe next time, she’ll wait until her team actually wins before releasing a video like that.

Who knows, maybe she jinxed the Jayhawks by accepting those free tickets? It’s either that or the video.

More after the jump >>

March Madness At Its Best

Ali Farokhmanesh

Now that your bracket has been busted all to hell, let’s relive some of the moments that caused such wreckage. It was perhaps one of the best opening weekends of tournament basketball I’ve witnessed, especially with the Thursday/Saturday games. The Big Dance started out with a bang as BYU and Florida needed double overtime to decide things, all while Old Dominion and Notre Dame game was being decided by one point. This was followed by two more great games, one also needing extra time with the other finishing with a last second, game-winning shot, courtesy of Danero Thomas.

And that, folks, was just the first four games of the tournament.

The rest of the weekend gave us more of the same: Great games, surprising upsets, game-winning “Onions” shots, and perhaps one of the best basketball names ever, Ali Farokhmanesh. Overall, it wast the kind of chaos one hopes for when the tournament starts.

Coming up, I’m featuring some of the weekend’s most outstanding plays, including the uncontainable onions of the aforementioned Farokhmanesh. Continue reading >>

His Name is Farokhmanesh, Ali Farokhmanesh

Ali Farkohmanesh

It was a pitch-perfect day of basketball yesterday. There was a heaping helping of upsets, failure to live up to expectations, and Eric Bledsoe. Oh my. Names like Danero Thomas, Ishmael Smith, the Ohio Bobcats, Quincy Pondexter, and Jimmer Fredette became popular. Another such player — with perhaps one of the most awesome names in the tournament — also found a way into our hearts with a NBA-length 3-point bomb that allowed Northern Iowa to beat the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels.

I’m talking about Ali Farokhmanesh, of course, and his “ONIONS”-like game-winner from way downtown. While Farokhmanesh may be small in stature — he’s only 5-9 — I’m not sure there was a bigger shot during yesterday’s version of Madness. Oh look, video: After the jump >>