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Posts Tagged ‘Alex Rodriguez’

This is How You Apologize (Charles Barkley)

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Contrition is a wonderful thing and Charles delivers. Taking a queue from CSTB, compare this with the gibberish Alex Rodriguez offered the other day. His delivery sounds like a poor script reading for an upcoming sports sitcom on ESPN. Notice, Charles didn’t use a prepared statement as A-Rod did, and yet, he comes across as being more sincere and certainly a lot more apologetic for his actions. He’s also been quick to blame himself. A-Rod, on the other hand, blamed youthful indiscretion, even though his pattern of usage shows a calculated decision was being made.

Again, compare A-Rod’s statement to Barkley’s apology.

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A-Rod Admits Using PEDs

And I still don’t care. Maybe I’m missing the big picture here. Yes, it’s surprising when a sports “hero” is caught cheating, but let’s consider the era we are talking about here. It was such a disgusting time for baseball, so bad it with all of the dirt going on, it made this guy famous — AGAIN — for no reason whatsoever, other than he was willing to rat out his teammates in print to make a buck. Hell, that book single-handedly kick-started the Mitchell Report investigation.

And this A-Rod news is somehow supposed to be earth-shattering?

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Seriously, Who Cares? (A-Rod)

Getting the cream applied, Alex?

So, did any interesting Alex Rodriguez news come out this weekend? I must have missed it because I don’t what all the hub-bub is about. Oh this? Yeah, I guess I can see how that can be troubling, but for some reason, the only response I can think of is this:

Whoooooo cares?!? (courtesy of Virginia Crock)

More on Rodriguez Roids after the jump >>

Jose Canseco Needs A Warm Cup of STFU

I’m sure most of you saw the above “interview” Jose Canseco gave to ABC’s Martin Beshear, an interview where Canseco answered absolutely nothing and gave the impression he popped up — again — just for publicity. He has no evidence to present against Alex Rodriguez and when he’s asked about why he doesn’t come forward with something besides hot air, he gives a bogus reply, saying “the timing isn’t right.”

He goes on to say (threaten), “let’s see if they all call me a liar again,” which seems to mean if A-Rod takes Canseco to task, Canseco will unearth his smoking gun. Whatever. Jose, you come across as nothing but an attention whore. Be proud.

The interview then turned its attention towards Roger Clemens, a person Canseco doesn’t think used steroids. He goes as far to say he believed Clemens’ Congressional hearing testimony, even though there was actual, you know, evidence to suggest the contrary… unlike anything Jose has offered. Ever. He just appears on our radar every so often (when not appearing on the Surreal Life) with some allegations about this player and that player.

However, has anyone pointed out that Canseco is an awful lot of talk and very little substance? His only weapons are his words and when he’s asked about evidence, he either, A. says the timing is bad or B. has none (I’m sorry, did I miss all those syringes he saved from his Mark McGwire torpedoing?)

I mean, at least Brian McNamee produced SOMETHING when he the burden of proof was addressed. Maybe it was just the contents of his trashcan, but it’s better than anything Canseco’s offered… unless, of course, you like hot air.

Only God Can Disrupt the Yankees

Or at least, the Vicar of Christ can, anyway. We have word from Larry Brown Sports (via Fanhouse) that a visit from Pope Benedict XVI is causing some divine havoc with the Yankees early season schedule, much like the San Antonio Spurs have to deal the with the annual Rodeo Road Trip.


Apparently, the Yankees are going to have a tough little road stretch to accommodate the Pope’s 4/20 Mass at Yankee Stadium, something to the tune of, “a schedule that requires them to be in Tampa on the 15th, New York in the 16th, and Baltimore on the 18th. That’s a bad week.

I guess that’s the your penance for being the Evil Empire: long road trips with lots of travel.

Sounds rough.

Intentional Highlights: A Look Back At The Week That Was

Barry Bonds
It was a busy week for the sporting world, culminating in an adventurous night last night (Thursday, 11/15). Of course, the leading story was the federal indictment of Barry Bonds. Some people are claiming this was a witch-hunt on the part of the Feds and maybe it was. But if they do have a positive test for Bonds, then perhaps their hunting party was on target the whole time… I just wonder why it took so damn long to do something about it. Were they just sitting on the results, waiting until he completely asterisk-ized MLB’s record books?

Ray Ratto of the San Francisco Chronicle has a great write-up looking at some of the possible occurrences that lead to Bonds being indicted.

Dennis Dixon, Oregon’s BCS Championship Hopes Injured
Apparently, Thursday nights are a bad time for West Coast athletes. In their prime time match-up with the University of Arizona, a game that looked to solidify Oregon’s chances in the BCS race, Oregon QB Dennis Dixon reinjured his left knee in the 1st quarter, seemingly taking his team’s hopes for a BCS Championship and his shot at the Heisman trophy down with him.

Dixon was replaced by Ryan Leaf’s (yes, THAT Ryan Leaf) younger brother Brady, who was a paltry 22 of 46 for an underwhelming 146 yards and 2 interceptions and looked even worse than those stats suggest. A number of his 24 incomplete passes weren’t even in the same zip code as the “intended” receiver. At least we don’t have to worry about another Leaf melting down in the NFL.

Addicted to Quack has much more about last night’s disappointing Oregon loss.

Starbury, Isiah at Odds
New York Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury and coach Isiah Thomas apparently don’t like each… a lot. During a team flight to Phoenix, Thomas informed Marbury about his decision to keep the mercurial guard out of the starting line-up that evening. After that, all hell in the New York Knicks franchise broke loose.

Not to be outdone, King Lebron was kind enough to share his thoughts about Starbury’s actions. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see much sharing of the rock between these two. Ever.

A-rod Goes Crawling Back to the Yankees
After trying to steal the thunder from the Boston Red Sox World Series clinching victory and wasting the entire free world’s time, Alex Rodriguez wound up right back where he started (no, not Seattle): the New York Yankees for a cool $275 million over 10 years. I’m not sure how he’ll be able to live on that, but it’s worth a try. Personally, I would’ve held out for the $300 mil payday…

Talk about much ado about absolutely nothing. Next time you decide to waste everyone’s time, Alex, keep a muzzle on Boras.

This was just a cross-section of the stories that grabbed the attention of the sports world this week.  Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you later.