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Posts Tagged ‘Albert Haynesworth’

Andray Blatche Does A Great Albert Haynesworth

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Against the Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards forward Andray Blatche demonstrated the absolute perfect way to absolutely not play pick-and-roll defense. It was so bad, in fact, it reminded me of masterful demonstration of effort and perseverance Albert Haynesworth displayed against the Philadelphia Eagles.

That is to say, none.

After the jump, visual evidence of Blatche’s imitation of Haynesworth >>

Albert Haynesworth Contemplating Basketball Gets Us Ready for Football

Albert Haynesworth

Do you think Albert Haynesworth is spinning his helmet in order to knock the rust off of his basketball skills? You know, just in case he doesn’t pass Mike Shanahan’s conditioning test? Maybe he thinks the NBA preseason conditioning stuff isn’t as demanding as the Washington Redskins training camp.

Whatever the case, Haynesworth skipped his latest conditioning test,which was scheduled for today. Is he protesting Mike Shanahan’s “pass before practice” edict, or is he so committed to the preparation, he’s going to wait until he can pass before he takes it again?

Somehow, the latter scenario seems awfully unlikely.

NFL Free Agency Orgy

Albert Haynesworth
“Just got paid. It’s Friday night. Party hunting, feeling right.”

The NFL’s free agency period started at midnight, this morning, and there have already been some significant signings, none quite as big as Albert Haynesworth going to Washington for a bank-breaking $100 million. The Haynesworth deal is for seven years, with $41 million being guaranteed. After signing the human defensive wall away from the Titans, the Redskins didn’t stop there, also re-signing defensive back DeAngelo Hall for $55 million over six years. Keep up with the NFL free agency signings here and, well, all over the place, actually. I’ll be contributing at Cincy Jungle as well, along with Josh and the rest of the gang.

More signings of note after the jump >>