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Welcome to the NFL, Mark Sanchez

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It’s funny how one play can change perceptions. It can turn optimistic prognostications into ones filled with fear and loathing. One play can, quite simply, turn fantasy into reality. Such is the case when a rookie quarterback with suspect offensive talent around him faces the brutal gang known as the Baltimore Ravens defense. A mere two downs into their first possession of the evening, New York Jets rookies quarterback Sanchez was introduced to Ray Lewis in the way Lewis introduces himself to most opposing rookies: By knocking the piss out of them.

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We’re Going To Tampa!!! (Super Bowl XLIII)

Super Bowl Quarterbacks

Yeah, yeah. I figured I, just like everybody else, would play this, “I can’t believe Arizona is in Super Bowl card,” but that’s too obvious. Furthermore, if the Cardinals offense keeps scoring like they have and they continue to get decent support from their defensive unit, Arizona is not going to be an easy win for any team they play in two weeks. It’s really pretty simple: Kurt Warner has all the experience you can ask for and his receiving corps is clearly the best in the league. These two components alone make them a legitimate threat to win the Super Bowl.

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Worst Team In The NFL – Week 4

Sheldon Brown

By now, it’s pretty obvious who currently has the worst team in the NFL even though there are four teams who haven’t won a game yet. While Cincinnati, Detroit and Houston aren’t very good — Houston is easily the best out of this bunch — they aren’t as bad as the St Louis Rams.

Detroit and Houston have serviceable offenses, much like the Bengals used to have. Now the Bengals are relying on an almost-respectable defense to keep their games close. The Rams have neither. They are the absolute worst in the NFL in both offense and defense, and in most cases, it’s by a wide margin.

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Oh Yeah, The Pro Bowl Was Last Night

The NFL held their All-Star festivities in Honolulu yesterday and for some reason, I’m reminded of the “tree falling in the forest” metaphor. Is it still considered an NFL game if no one watches?

Viewers or no didn’t stop no-longer-a-rookie Adrian Peterson from winning MVP honors as he led the NFC to victory over the AFC by the score of 42-30. Over at Deadspin, they have a great write-up about the NFL’s answer to the NBA’s All-Star weekend, however, I don’t think the NFL manages to pull it off with the same fanfare… maybe they could have a dunk contest using the field goal uprights.

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Pro Bowl Is Still On

Pro Bowl LogoFor those of you lamenting the end of the NFL season, fear not. There’s still have one more game for you to check out: The NFL Pro Bowl. The NFL’s annual All-Star game again takes place again in Hawaii this upcoming Sunday.

In case you are wondering who got voted into the game, check out the NFC and the AFC rosters.

AFC Pro Bowl Selections

Yeah, we’re a tad late on this, but that’s what happens when you spend an afternoon or two defending your team–speaking of, here’s a nifty little post about Gillispie and the perception of UK fans (no more digressions).

Anyway, like they say, better late than never. The NFL posted the Pro Bowl rosters yesterday and as expected, the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys are well represented. While fan-voted All-Star selections still resemble a popularity contest, it looks like the selections were pretty solid… well, for the most part, anyway.

For space-saving purposes, we are going to post each roster individually, starting with the AFC, but before I do that, I’d like to ask the city of Jacksonville a question:

Why don’t you guys go out and mass-vote for Fred Taylor? Is it because you don’t want to get caught up in all the Interweb hoopla or do you not think your vote would make a difference? Your team has one of the most overlooked players in NFL history and I would think you’d want to rectify that.

Your AFC Pro Bowl Team:

Tom Brady – Starter
Peyton Manning – Reserve
Ben Roethlisberger – Reserve

Running Backs
LaDainian Tomlinson – Starter
Joseph Addai – Reserve
Willie Parker – Reserve

Lorenzo Neal

Wide Receivers
Randy Moss – Starter
Reggie Wayne – Starter
T.J. Houshmandzadeh – Reserve
Braylon Edwards – Reserve

Tight Ends
Antonio Gates – Starter
Tony Gonzalez – Reserve

Offensive Linemen
Matt Light – Starting Tackle
Jason Peters – Starting Tackle
Alan Faneca – Starting Guard
Logan Mankins – Starting Guard
Jeff Saturday – Starting Center
Jonathan Ogden – Reserve
Kris Dielman – Reserve
Dan Koppen – Reserve

Defensive Linemen
Jared Allen – Starting Defensive End
Kyle Vandenbosh- Starting Defensive End
Albert Haynesworth – Starting Defensive Tackle
Vince Wilfork- Starting Defensive Tackle
Jason Taylor – Reserve
Jamal Williams – Reserve

James Harrison – Starter
Mike Vrabel – Starter
DeMeco Ryans – Starter
Shawne Merriman – Reserve
Ray Lewis – Reserve

Champ Bailey – Starting Cornerback
Asante Samuel – Starting Cornerback
Bob Sanders – Starting Strong Safety
Ed Reed – Starting Free Safety
Antonio Cromartie – Reserve
Troy Polamalu – Reserve

Special Teams
Shane Lechler – Punter
Rob Bironas – Place Kicker
Josh Cribbs – Returner
Kassim Osgood – Special Teamer

And as always, Ticket Solutions has Pro Bowl tickets if you’d like to go to Hawaii as well.