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Posts Tagged ‘AFC East’

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2009 Kansas City Chiefs

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Chiefs bad

This little screengrab, courtesy of the Denver Broncos beatdown, sums the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs better than even folks like Jason Whitlock and Kansas City’s local sports radio ever could. In case you have a problem reading the text from televised sports factoids, here’s what the screenshot says:

“Kansas City Miscues — 7 dropped passes, 4 three & outs, failed fake punt, interception and a partridge in a pear tree.”

The latter portion should be just the thing to get Chiefs fans in the Christmas spirit, especially once you consider their team’s 3-9 record. Those kinds of miscues and overall poor play lead directly to increased sales of team-related paraphernalia, because who doesn’t want to canonize such an entertaining team? Of course, a real Chiefs fan would simply argue yesterday’s piss-poor showing was just par for the course.

Considering where Kansas City ranks in the categories of team offense and defense — 30th and 31st (out of 32 teams) respectively — they’d have a very valid point.

H/t to Deadspin for the image.

Mark Sanchez Named Starter

Mark Sanchez

A couple of days after being hit in the mouth by Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens defense, Mark Sanchez has been rewarded for surviving his baptism-by-fire by being named the regular season starting quarterback for the New York Jets, beating out Kellen Clemens. As per usual with all NFL news, it was Jay Glazer who broke the story about Sanchez. Apparently, the Jets coaching staff was impressed with the way he hung in after his rough start against the Ravens. After getting smacked in the mouth by Lewis, causing him to throw a pick-six interception during a check down, Sanchez maintained a level of poise long enough to lead his team on an end-of-the-first-half touchdown drive.

Granted, the Ravens had begun using second team defenders by then, but Sanchez should still be given credit for not wilting after being absolutely bum rushed early in the game. No word on whether the Jets have actually acquired a receiver — besides Jerricho Cotchery — for Sanchez to throw the ball to.

Considering the attention to defense the Jets paid this offseason, I’m expecting a number of 16-13 games, coupled with a middle of the road, 8-8/7-9 record.

A Public Service Announcement from Herm Edwards

Herm Edwards

For all those who think Herm Edwards should have kicked the extra point against San Diego yesterday, the coach responsible for the call has a message he’d like to relay.

You might remember it:

Now, I’ll grant you this: if the Chiefs were having, oh, I don’t know, a good season and contending for a playoff spot, obviously, kicking the extra point would be the correct choice. However, if you are the coach of a team that’s past the halfway point of the NFL season with only one win to its credit, you’d be pulling out all the stops as well — even if that means going for two when one would tie.

For what it’s worth, the Kansas City media agrees with Edwards and thinks the team is showing good progress — without jeopardizing a shot at the overall number pick, to borrow an idea from Jason Whitlock. Joe Posanski offers this:

And so, if you are one of those who want Herm Edwards fired, you probably should do yourself a favor and stop reading this column now. Enjoy your Monday. Get a doughnut or swim a few laps or do whatever you like to do. Because the rest of this will probably aggravate your ulcer. Or give you one.

Still reading? OK, you have been warned. I think Herm Edwards is doing a good job this year.

Considering just how bare the offensive cupboard has been for Edwards, this level of support from the KC scribes is a little surprising. Apparently, the key for the Chiefs is to keep the writers entertained. With that in mind, Edwards should go for two every time his teams scores a touchdown. At least that will give them something to talk about until the team is finished with its makeover.

Tom Brady Goes Under the Knife

Tom Brady

The knee injury heard around the football world has been . While none of the medical staff would confirm it, reports are the surgery on Tom Brady’s knee went well.

Brady had chosen Neal S. ElAttrache, a well-known orthopedist specializing in sports medicine, shoulders, elbows, and knees, to perform the surgery. ElAttrache, through an assistant in his office, said yesterday that he could not comment on the procedure.

While not aware of the specifics of Brady’s procedure, Michael Gordon, team orthopedic physician for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette University, estimated that the quarterback should expect a recovery time of about 6-8 months, assuming there were no other injuries.

With that, we can expect to see Brady back on the field next season, but will the Patriots window of Super Bowl opportunity still be open?

Thanks For Nothing, Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Brown

After posting one of the better individual afternoons in the NFL in a while, I have one thing to say to Ronnie Brown, he of the four rushing touchdowns (and one passing!!!!) against the not-so-stout Patriots defense: I hate you. Not really and all that but come on, no one started you in their fantasy league yesterday — only 22 percent in all of Yahoo — so what do you do to pay them back? You decide to give your best LaDainian Tomlinson impression and lo and behold, it was probably better than the real thing.

At least this season, anyway.

Ronnie Brown hates fantasy football after the jump >>

Brady Done For The Year

Tom Brady

As expected, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s year has come to an abrupt end after suffering a knee injury against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. New England coach Bill Belichick addressed the media this afternoon and while he didn’t go into details about Brady’s injury, he did say his quarterback would be undergoing surgery and will be out for the rest of the season.

Amid reports of the Patriots contacting available quarterbacks, it was indicated to the media Matt Cassel would remain the New England starter.

Patriots Looking At Chris Simms

Chris Simms

After suffering a devastating blow to their franchise with the Tom Brady injury, the Patriots are in damage control mode and are looking for some added insurance at the quarterback position. According to reports, the name at the top of their list is Chris Simms.

When we last saw the younger Simms, his spleen was getting unceremoniously exploded from repeated hits by the Carolina Panthers. When he returned to the team in 2007, Simms was been locked in some kind of weird tug-of-war with coach Jon Gruden until his release on August 30. Considering the Patriots now-lacking depth at quarterback, it’s pretty easy to see why Belichick is interested in the younger Simms; but is he the right choice for the franchise?

Not according to some:

While the Patriots need to bring in another arm, what needs to be clear, is that Matt Cassel is the starter. He really looked poised and calm today, but with the pressure of an able quarterback behind him, that could change. Culpepper and Simms would be an intimidating presence, so I would consider staying away from them. I think the Patriots have moved past Gutierrez, so I don’t think he will be an option.

So, based on my beliefs, this leaves veteran Vinny Testaverde as the best option. I understand that he has too many years under his belt, but he already knows the system, he can serve as a mentor to Cassel, and if he had to play, he could lead the team.

With Cassel being the starter, it makes sense to want a player who isn’t worried about making an audition for the rest of the league. With Testaverde, you have the perfect back-up because he knows the system and is not looking to be the man. If this happens, I don’t doubt Vinny will probably feel a lot like Michael Corleone in Godfather 3:

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Chiefs Ruin Fantasy Football Teams Everywhere

Tom Brady

Now, this is in no way an attempt to make light of Tom Brady’s knee injury; however, if that thought didn’t enter the mind of every non-Patriots-fan fantasy football player after Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard hit Brady near his left knee while he was releasing a pass to Randy Moss.

The play was eerily similar to the one that tore Carson Palmer’s knee up a few years ago when Kimo Van Oelhoffen came crashing into Palmer lower leg after he released a pass to Chris Henry.

Indications are Brady will miss significant time as he’s scheduled to undergo an MRI later today. Rumor has it Brady tore his left ACL, at least. Considering how his leg buckled after he was hit, Brady could be entering the Daunte Culpepper injury zone when Culpepper damaged three of the four major knee ligaments. Culpepper, after trying to make a couple of comebacks, retired just last week.

The effect of Brady’s knee will be felt far and wide. The outlook on the Patriots season, which once looked Super Bowl bound, obviously changes — as does the predicted order of the AFC East. Will the New York B-R-E-T-T-S be able to capitalize on New England’s misfortune? Can the Patriots rebound and make something good happen out of their misfortune?

One thing’s for sure: The Matt Cassel era — one, where up until Brady’s injury, had only seen 22 completed passes in its time — has begun in earnest. I’m left wondering if the fantasy players who are actively dropping Brady from their roster will be picking up his back-up? I doubt there’s little choice in the deeper leagues.

The next question is was the play dirty? According to Randy Moss — who is obviously broke-up about losing his All World quarterback — it is. According to everyone else who saw the replay, it was not, including me. Pollard was making a hustle play with a New England offensive lineman running back on his back. It’s not like he could have hit Brady high if he wanted to.

Now, should he have gone in the way he did, even with the excess weight on his back? Yes. You play until the whistle is over and EVERY opposing defensive player in the league would jump at a chance to sack Tom Brady.