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Posts Tagged ‘Aerosmith’

Brett Favre Teaching Class to Steven Tyler

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Brett Favre and Steven Tyler

It didn’t take Vikings quarterback Brett Favre long to find new employment. I think Fox hired him to teach a new class. The class is called “How to be a creepy old dude who thinks chicks still want him 101″ and his best student is new American Idol Judge Steven Tyler. The class covers the obvious Favre specialties of sexting and leaving voice mails begging for love, but Tyler pushes for extra credit by making lewd comments to 16-year olds.

More on the scary Favre/Tyler combo after the jump >>

Dude Looks Like a Long-Drive Lady

Is there a better way to start the day than with the unmistakable wailing of Stephen Tyler, especially when you can use his work in relation to yours? Absolutely not, I say, even if we are this close to Christmas. The reason I broke out this timeless classic is because there’s something … well, weird going on in the world of golf this morning. According to a report on Fox Sports the following individual — Lana Lawless — won a ladies long-drive contest at Mesquite, Nevada:

Lady Golfer Dude

The only problem is, Lawless used to be a man.

More on the ladies of long-drive after the jump >>