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Adrian Peterson’s Slavery Comment

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Maybe what is needed among NFL players trying to plead their case is a little “PR 101″ training. Because I was on their side until Adrian Peterson made his major “oops” statement Friday likening the NFL salary negotiations break down to slavery.

Peterson’s rant started because he wanted the team owners to open their books. While I think an employee normally doesn‘t have the right to ask for this, since NFL salary and bonuses are sometimes tied to revenue it’s a valid point.

Peterson said, “. . . If they have nothing to hide, just give us the information. Why not? Obviously, there’s a lot to hide.”

So far so good. But then he kept talking, saying, “It’s modern-day slavery, you know?”

No Mr. Peterson, it most certainly is NOT modern-day slavery.

Peterson continued to show ignorance by saying, “…there are people working at regular jobs who get treated the same way, too. With all the money . . . the owners are trying to get a different percentage, and bring in more money.”

Yes. All we little workers of the world have to deal with crappy deals. We work long hours and don’t get paid what we should. But if we honestly believe our situation is akin to slavery? Come on, already.

Peterson showed just how out of touch he is with the average worker, which happens to buy the tickets to his games. If he was trying to endear himself and his cause to fans, he fell short.

Some folks are saying, “well he didn’t mean it that way” and “it’s just a word” but you know what? It’s a word that has some incredibly painful history to it. It’s not one to be used lightly, and it’s certainly not meant to be thrown in the same sentence with million dollar salaries.

The thing I find most ironic is that Peterson wants the NFL owners to treat players with the respect befitting a business partner, and yet with his latest rant he has showed that he doesn’t deserve it.

Adrian Peterson Gets Woman Fired at McDonald’s

Okay, Adrian Peterson didn’t mean to get the McDonald’s employee fired. McDonald’s fired her because she let Peterson inside at 3:00 a.m. to use the bathroom. The drive-through was open but the restaurant was apparently closed. And that’s a no-no.

Here’s what happened:

“While working the late-night drive-thru shift at 3 a.m., a female employee encountered a man standing outside the window who asked to come inside and use the restroom. After a little while, she realized it was the popular Minnesota Vikings star and opened the door for him to come inside and use the facilities.”

I’m not sure what is more disturbing: that this poor woman had to work by herself at 3:00 a.m. or that Adrian Peterson has nowhere else to go at that time of the morning to use the bathroom except a McDonald’s.

It all comes out with a happy ending, though. The woman got her job back after word got out about what happened. The woman, for her part, said, “He’s a public figure… I know him better than some of the maintenance people that come in and out.”

Well, not really. But still. I doubt Adrian Peterson would let her into the locker room for a bathroom break during a Vikings game.

A Sunday of Big Plays

The NFL is finally here, and the sport rewarded our patience with a number of highlight-worthy plays that reconfirmed our love for Sunday’s sport of kings — even if you are a Cincinnati Bengals fan. The play we are leading with has to be Adrian Peterson’s epic 64-yard touchdown run against the Cleveland Quinns. Apparently, Purple Jesus wanted to prove those new Nike Combat commercials are based on true-life events.

I’m left wondering if Peterson’s skin broke out in a protective hexagonal patterns after he scored.

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Some Brett Favre For You?

Brett Favre

The groundhog known as Brett Favre announced he did in fact see his shadow and will stay underground for a few more weeks, subjecting us to more speculation — Um, why would you still be working out if you were serious about retirement, Brett? You didn’t think it was seriously over, did you? While Favre may indeed stay retired, there are signs that say “not so fast.” Maybe he just doesn’t want to go through training camp. Or maybe he is truly retired.

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No Favre For You, Purple Jesus

Brett Favre

OK, folks. You can put the nooses, the knives and the guns away: Brett Favre is staying retired — well, he isn’t going to the Minnesota Vikings. Not now, anyway. Maybe after the mini-camps are and his bicep is repaired. This means, for the time being, Big Daddy Drew can cancel his personal/national emergency. The news also means the Vikings, with perhaps the most talented player in the league in Adrian Peterson, will probably have to rely on Tarvaris Jackson or the newly acquired Sage Rosenfels when opposing defenses are stopping Peterson from running wild.

What, no Gus Frerotte?

Released and staying-retired quarterbacks aside, I’m still confused why the Vikings front office didn’t pursue the stud-man-walking, otherwise known as Jeff Garcia; especially now that their Favre overture has been rebuffed. Who knows? Maybe the Rosenfels/Jackson two-headed monster can bring a passing identity to a team looking to provide their savior with some much-needed support.

Who Is The NFL’s MVP?

DeAngelo Williams

After the games have been played and the coaches have been fired, the NFL starts giving out its season-ending awards. The question is, who is the NFL’s MVP for the 2008 season? There are a lot of players that deserve consideration, even if most of the buzz seems to be going to that relatively unknown quarterback in Indianapolis. Adrian Peterson is also getting a lot of recognition and considering his incredible ability, that goes without saying.

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Purple Jesus Needs Jeff Garcia

Jeff Garcia

Furthering the thought presented by Mike Florio and MVN, in light of the Tarvaris Jackson benching news, the Minnesota Vikings would be absolutely foolish if they weren’t on the phone right this second with Jon Gruden, offering whatever they could — save PJ — for the rights to get Jeff Garcia up north.

Jackson was benched after his poor play against Indianapolis on Sunday, as well as some other games before that, which ended on him throwing an interception.

If, like some suggested, Brad Childress was being blinded by (alliteration rules) his desire to see his work with Jackson pay off, the decision to start Gus Frerotte should have pulled that wool away. Now that he can obviously see again, wouldn’t it be wise to go after an even better option before the season slips further away?

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NFL Preview – A Quick Look at the NFC North

Otherwise known as the “No Cheerleaders” division — except for Minnesota. I guess that’s why I’m leading with them; well, that and Purple Jesus. Due to time constraints, these will be a little shorter than the previous division previews.

Minnesota Vikings

Purple Jesus

Everybody knows about Adrian “Purple Jesus” Peterson and while he represents the image of the Vikings, he’s not the reason they’ll succeed this season. Yes, if the Vikings have a great season, Peterson will feature prominently, but the play of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson will be what makes or breaks Minnesota’s season. They have a potent defense that will only be stronger with the addition of Jared Allen; a good offensive line, adept skill players and of course, the savior of the franchise.

In order for this season to be successful, Jackson will have to do his best Trent Dilfer impression — that is, don’t make mistakes and let your defense and all-world running back win the game. We’ll be watching you, Tarvaris.

10-6 and the NFC Norse division title.

Hottest Vikings Cheerleader
The Vikings are the only team in the NFC North to have cheerleaders and we are happy to introduce Kristina.


Obviously, the Vikings know something the other teams don’t.

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