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Posts Tagged ‘100-Meter Dash’

Usain Bolt Makes Me Shake My Head in Wonder

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Imagine what it would be like to run a best-in-the-world-for-2010 time in the 100-meter dash when you have a sore hamstring. It sounds fairly impossible, but then again, we are not Usain Bolt, and well, he is. Oh, and he just accomplished such a feat in Lausanne, Switzerland by posting a 2010-best 9.82 in the 100-meters.

Just in case you didn’t quite get the significance, I’ll repeat it: Usain Bolt just ran a sub-10 second 100-meter on a bad hamstring.

Think about that for a second. Bolt makes a feat that’s faster than all but four 100-meter world records look like a leisurely jog in the park.

While everyone in the free world is riding the nuts of LeBron James, perhaps we should take a moment to recognize the best athlete in the world — one that holds the world hostage with his jaw-dropping athletic performances, and not his decision-making exercises; although, I seem to remember a time when LeBron wowed us too, but that seems like 20 years ago.

The Unreal Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

9.58 seconds. Is that even real? Or did we simply dream one of the most impressive athletic accomplishments, maybe ever? What about Tyson Gay? He ran the third fastest 100-meter ever recorded and Bolt made it look like Gay was slow. Is that even fair? Is that even human? Where does this performance put Bolt on the greatest athletes of all time list? Is he at the top of the list for current athletes? Before that, watch the video of Bolt’s breathtaking performance in Berlin:

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Heading For A Bolt/Gay Showdown

Next month, the Athletics World Championship takes place in Berlin, and folks, it looks like we are finally getting the showdown we were promised in Beijing last summer — a healthy Tyson Gay against the current fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. Bolt did his part in fueling the anticipation by winning the 100 meter race in London this past weekend with a time of 9.91, while running into a noticeable headwind. As for Gay, he’s already posted a time of 9.77 — the fastest time in the 100-meter this year — while looking equally strong in the 200-meter as well.

While the potential showdown between these two will headline the upcoming World Championship, it should also be noted it’s the first time such a competition will be held in Berlin Stadium since Jesse Owens competed in 1936.

Olympics: Tyson Gay Hits The Track

Tyson Gay
Getty Images

The track and field portion of the Olympics got underway last night/this morning and one of Team USA’s brightest stars when it comes to the track — Tyson Gay — began his quest for the World’s Fastest Man title by advancing to the semi-finals after the qualifying heats of the 100-meter dash.

As expected, the two sprinters perceived to be Gay’s biggest challenge — Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell of Jamaica — also advanced to the semis. These preliminary heats are merely the prologue to one of the more anticipated events in the Olympics. Bolt, the 100-meter record holder with a 9.72 time, has already beaten Gay earlier this summer. On the other hand, Powell has already lost to Gay once already and looked pretty bad in the process but he vows he’ll be ready for Gay this time.

Sounds like sour grapes to me, but I digress.

The semi-finals and the finals are scheduled for tomorrow (Beijing time, of course), giving Powell ample opportunity to back his talk up. Meanwhile, Gay is trying to prove a recent hamstring injury — one that kept him from qualifying for the 200-meter dash — is no longer giving him problems.

Winning the gold in the 100-meter dash would go a long way towards verifying the Lexington, Kentucky native’s claim.

We Have A New World’s Fastest Man

Introducing Usain Bolt, the fastest person in the world. In case you missed it with all the MMA fun going on, the 100-meter dash now has a new record time as the Jamaican-born Bolt turned in a 9.72 seconds performance, beating the old record by two tenths of a second. In bonus news, the record Bolt beat was previously held by Asafa Powell — another Jamaican sprinter.

Not only did Bolt bolt to the new world record, he beat Tyson Gay — the best American sprinter — in the process. Bolt’s performance puts even more emphasis on the upcoming track and field portion of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Because of the new record and the ability shown by the new world record holder, everybody is going to want to see Bolt, Powell and Gay go at it in Beijing this summer.

However, if Bolt continues to improve as a sprinter (apparently, the 100 is not his best event), he’s going to be almost impossible to catch. Oh yeah, it was only his fifth race in the 100-meter. Ever. Apparently, Bolt was born to do just that.