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Soccer Shorts

OK, I know it’s the offseason for the European soccer leagues, and I also know there’s no World or UEFA Cup to be played this summer. The extended summer layoff, however, does not explain the explosion of European soccer stars appearing here and there in what can only be described as hot pants. What we have in the lead image is Rio Ferdinand (left) and Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrating their love for Daisy Dukes. Now, I’m a firm “to each his own” person, but damn. Short-shorts? Really?

In Ronaldo’s defense, it doesn’t look like he’s that interested in wearing much of anything; not in the image in question, at least.

Ferdinand, on the other hand, didn’t stop with the Nair-approved short-jorts. For some reason, Rio didn’t think his outfit was complete until he added that amazingly colored halter-topped wife-beater. The most awesome thing about these two pictures — aside from the monumental amounts of metrosexuality going on — is the look on the fellow’s face.

The one standing behind Rio Ferdinand.

I think his quizzical look of “WTF is he doing?” sums up how most of us feel after seeing such an amazing set of images. I’m just hoping these two don’t show up in South Africa next summer, dressed in a similar fashion. If they did, I think a publication like The Sun would probably supernova due to excessive amounts of glee.

H/t to The Beautiful Game and Kickette for the images.