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Dutch Fans

Now, why on earth would FIFA officials remove such a lovely group? Because they weren’t really fans. According to the Daily Mail, the ladies in orange, 36 of them in total, were part of a viral marketing attempt by Bavaria, a Dutch beer brewer. This isn’t the first time the Bavaria makers have tried coupling sex, beer and underground marketing techniques; although, perhaps this is the first time their models were summarily rejected.

However, the “failed” viral marketing attempt — I quotes around the word “failed” because, essentially, it worked. We’re talking about it. — doesn’t end with a beer company only getting one half of the exposure they were seeking. There’s also blame to lay, and that, folks, was placed ever so gently at the feet of Robbie Earle, an soccer analyst for ITV. Earle apparently donated his tickets to the Bavaria makers cause and was shown the door for his efforts.

Hopefully, Earle received more from the Bavaria brewers besides their appreciation.