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Gonzalo Higuain

The World Cup’s first hat trick has been recorded, courtesy of the man on the right, Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain. While it’s still early, Higuain’s triple means he’s scored more goals than Groups H, and tying Groups G, E, C. If it wasn’t for Uruguay, you could add Group A to that bunch as well.

Like I said, still early.

Argentina’s display of offensive wizardry came at a great time as well, considering all the bitching and complaining about the lack of explosive goal scoring. Memo to those who are part of the complaints group: It doesn’t matter what you do to the ball, if a world-class team has, in many cases, up to nine men in the box, clogging the scoring lanes and simply playing good defense, goals will not come at a liberal pace.

As for Higuain’s scoring, two of his goals came from the header variety, while the other was from finishing a loose ball in front of the South Korean’s goal. Simply put, he was the definitive version of a finisher. While he may not have created his chances with dribbling wizardry, ala, Lionel Messi, he still put the ball away when it counted. See for yourself:

And that, friends, is known as “good stuff.” A warning however: high-scoring games like this are the exception, not the rule, especially in the World Cup where teams absolutely play with a “don’t lose” mentality.