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Tim Howard

Thanks to goals from Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey and Brian Ching, the US Men’s team handled an outmatched Trinidad and Tobago with their best offensive showing of 2008. The victory also gave the US a stranglehold on their CONCACAF qualifying group as their record in round three play improved to 3-0.

The scoring explosion was started by Bradley after he redirected a Landon Donovan free kick into the back of the net. From that point, the US confidently attacked their opponents, facilitated by Trinidad and Tobago’s surprisingly soft defense — not that they are known as defensive team. However, that doesn’t mean the best strategy was to play off of the Americans, allowing them to see the field and move the ball accordingly.

Perhaps some increased defensive pressure would serve Trinidad and Tobago better.

The highlight of the match was Dempsey’s goal, a low-level strike from a nifty one-two with DaMarcus Beasley. Naturally, the highlights are up on YouTube, so I’ll share them with you:

There was a some letdown from Team USA in the second half, although, I think 3-0 leads in soccer can contribute to a relaxing of intensity. With that in mind, I’m not going to make a big deal out of it; something the announcers were trying to do last night. I guess soccer blowouts can leave an announcing crews grasping for subjects to talk about, hence the criticism.

Next up for the US Men’s team will be a rematch with Cuba on October 11. This time, the United States will be the home team with the game being played at RFK Stadium. Hopefully, they have a crowd like last night to support them. Speaking of, I’m really impressed with the US Soccer fans who attended last night’s game.

It’s obvious some of the Latin American fans have rubbed off because now US fans have begun chanting and using drums to cheer their team on. In fact, they even have an EPL-inspired song for Team USA. The words go like this:


The lyrics are repeated ad infinitum, something the crowd did for at least 30 minutes straight during the second half — and it very could have been longer.