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I saw the inspiration for this post over at Digg and it’s freaking awesome. Lion in Oil gets on the goal-scoring fun as well. What we have is one of the sneakiest goals ever scored. No description, just watch:

The goal scorer must be given a great deal of props for his ninja-like skills. The great thing about this video being on YouTube are the related selections because it allows me to see some crazy goals I may not have seen otherwise. It’s not like Sports Center is in the habit of bringing us soccer highlights, unless it’s from one of the bigger venues they happen to be broadcasting.

This next one is all kinds of weird. It looks like the defender stopped playing because he thought there was going to be a hand-ball called by the referee. Oops:

That’s why they say keep playing until you hear the whistle. Of course, maybe the defender heard a whistle from the crowd and mistook it for the referee. He clearly handled the ball.

OK, time for one more:

Don’t you just love indirect free-kicks? If you need an explanation for what happened and why that goal was allowed, let me know and I’ll post it in the comments section.