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By now, you’ve probably seen and read about the David Beckham incident where he approached the Riot Squad, a boisterous group of LA Galaxy fans who congregate in the corner of the stadium. Apparently, the group had been giving Beckham the business, although, according to the much-maligned midfielder, one or some fans went over the line, and he decided he’d, well, I’m not sure what his intentions were, but according to Beckham, he says he was going over to make peace:

“One of the guys was saying things that really wasn’t very nice,” Beckham said after the game. “It was stepping over the line. I said, ‘You need to calm down and come shake my hand,’ and he jumped over.”

The “shake my hand” take has been thoroughly disputed by these particular fans, but thanks to a new video of the incident — courtesy of the The Beautiful Game — featuring a different angle, it appears as if Beckham was telling the truth.

There’s no denying he’s holding his hand out to the group of fans, although, stadium security intervened before the hand-shaking could be consummated. For his efforts, the fan who jumped over the railing has been served with a lifetime ban from the Galaxy’s Home Depot stadium.