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The United States’ b-team was on display at last night’s Gold Cup match against Honduras, and while the understudy designation is an accurate one, that doesn’t take away from their 2-0 victory — especially when they broke through with such an exciting build up and finish. While it was Santino Quaranta’s strike that allowed the US to break the nil-nil tie, the passing of subs Benny Feilhaber and Charlie Davies made the goal possible. Further, if Bradley doesn’t sub those two first-teamers in, the US was looking directly at a goalless tie, if not an outright loss.

Granted, the United States defense did an admirable job of keeping the Honduran attack in check. They did not, however, have much in the way of an offensive identity until Davies and Feilhaber came on. Is it a coincidence the US’ two goals came after the two Confederations Cup first string hit the field? Doubtful.

Speaking of offensive inefficiency, isn’t it about time Freddy Adu showed us more than just happy feet dribbling? Unfortunately for this year’s Gold Cup, that answer, because of scheduling conflicts, is no. Yes, he scored against Grenada, but then again, Grenada isn’t much along the way of a world soccer/futbol/football power. Against Honduras, Adu looked awfully wet behind the ears — and unsure of himself when he had the ball at his feet.

With Adu not being available for the rest of the Gold Cup, perhaps we’ll see more of Charlie Davies, which is a very good thing, especially against the current level of competition the US will be facing.