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During Portugal’s absolute 7-0 drubbing of North Korea earlier today, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal that would make Homer Simpson happy… Or maybe make him say “D’oh” due the sheer silliness of the goal. Thanks to Will Brinson and FanHouse, we’ve got the video, and from the looks of it, Ronaldo could’ve simply walked the Jabulani into the goal while he was balancing it on his neck.

See for yourself:

To quote folks like Martin Tyler, that goal was awfully cheeky. But then again, when your opponent quits on the field, things like this happen. In fact, North Korea played so poorly, Grant Wahl wonders if the players could be punished by their despotic leader.

Considering the tragic story of AndrĂ©s Escobar, I doubt I’d be surprised if this is the last we see of this particular team, especially once their World Cup is over. Take that to mean whatever you think it does.