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While the first half was a little lackluster, the Team USA soccer team did what it had to do in securing a much-needed away game win against Trinidad and Tobago, thanks to a cracker of a finish from Ricardo Clark. Aside: I’ve noticed that when I write about soccer/football/futbol, the voice in my head doing the narration has a British accent. It leads to descriptions that have the word “cracker” as an adjective. Hell, I think I’ve even used the word “cheeky” before. Is that normal?

Digressions aside, thanks to last night’s win, Team USA now stands atop the CONCACAF league, thanks, in part, to Mexico’s 1-0 win against Honduras, also taking place last night.

One thing that stood out to me was Clint Dempsey. John Harkes made a point of saying Dempsey’s play, when he’s restricted to midfield duty, left something to be desired. However, once Dempsey was moved to more of an attacking position, he was much more effective. This brings up a question: With the emergence of Charlie Davies and Jozy Altidore as the future of the US attack, is Dempsey going to be an odd man out? Or will Bob Bradley switch Davies and Dempsey around? Dempsey’s offensive talent is obvious; however, so is Altidore’s and Davies’.

I suppose this is a nice problem to have, but considering the workload already put on Landon Donovan, it would be nice if the United States had two midfielders capable of attacking and defending.

As for Team USA’s World Cup chances, if they beat Honduras — another road game — on October 10, they are qualified.