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The World Cup is only 21 days away from kicking off, and Nike has thrown down the advertising gauntlet, giving perhaps one of their best commercials ever. The slogan for Nike’s World Cup campaign is “Write the Future,” and the extended video offers an accurate glimpse at how the rest of the world views the Beautiful Game and the reactions involved with such a passionate following.

Wayne Rooney’s, in particular, is right on the money. The mood of a nation lives and dies with each England possession.

Curious, however, is the inclusion of Brazilian star Ronaldinho. The dribbling wizard has been left off Brazil’s 23-man roster. To borrow an idea from USA Today, the only way Ronaldinho gets to South Africa is if one of the roster members gets hurt. Nevertheless, the reaction to his dribbling wizardry in Nike’s commercial is just about note-perfect. Fitting, really, considering how well Nike nailed it.