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The final round of World Cup qualifying got off to a brilliant start for the United States as Michael Bradley scored two goals to give the Americans a 2-0 victory. The U.S. controlled the pace and flow of the game and featured some strong back line play as they rendered the Mexican attack relatively useless. The hero of the game was Bradley, obviously, who broke the scoreless tie with a nifty rebound goal, courtesy of a DaMarcus Beasley corner kick. Bradley also put the game away late in the second half with a crack from outside the penalty box that knuckled underneath the Mexican goalie.

Game over.

So much for those voodoo dolls. Maybe next time, they’ll leave that kind of juju to a country that actually practices the religion instead of country that’s over 90 percent Christian. Maybe the “Gringos” name on the back didn’t help their cause much either, in a karmic sense, anyway. But even that’s debatable because of the ambiguity of the word’s intentions.

No, the victory was all Michael “The Finisher” Bradley and his ownage of the Mexican goal keeper.