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Robert Green

Webster’s defines luck as: “A: a force that brings good fortune or adversity…” And “B: the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual…” Considering the second definition, perhaps a case could be made, but the idea of Clint Dempsey’s game-tying (winning?) goal was simply a lucky occurrence doesn’t jibe.

Some of us (me) will, instead, call it bad goalie play.

Was Dempsey “lucky” Green misplayed the ball so horribly? Sure, it was good fortune for the US team, but lucky? Dempsey put the shot on goal with a low, knuckling shot that had a little bit of pace — courtesy of some awesome ball-handling to even get in a position to take a shot at goal. Was Dempsey’s shot a cracker like Lukas Podolski’s against Australia? Not quite, but every goal doesn’t have to be the result of a spectacular blast, either.

Conversely, do lucky events result in a back-to-basics approach with fundamental skills a World Cup goalie should already have? Thanks to The Sun, we now know the answer.

Luck? Is that the one-word definition for “bad goalkeeping?”