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Koman Coulibaly

The guy in the yellow jersey is one Koman Coulibaly, the FIFA referee for the USA/Slovenia game, and after a completely inauspicious showing, including a disallowed go-ahead goal that left Bob Bradley befuddled after the game was over, he’s now the number one enemy of the United States. Check Twitter if want some proof. Or his Wikipedia page. To some, Coulibaly has surpassed BP in terms of hatred.

If there was a reasonable explanation why Maurice Edu’s goal was disallowed, perhaps he wouldn’t be the target of hyperbolic ire. See for yourself FIFA is pulling all the videos of the disputed call, so here’s some commentary, courtesy of a kindred thinker:

Some have said off-sides was the call, but damn if I saw either linesmen raise their flag.

Whatever the call was, it was wrong. Edu’s goal should’ve stood and the United States should’ve received three points instead of one for their efforts today.

Of course, one thing’s that’s gone unmentioned is the start by Team USA. Granted, their second half was filled with the type of play one expects, but only after playing like absolute human waste in the first. The defense was so soft on both of Slovenia’s scores, the US is partially to blame for allowing the outcome of the game to fall into the hands of an incompetent official like Coulibaly.