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Introducing the most popular sports video of the day. It’s already making the rounds, appearing on Deadspin, TBL, No Guts, No Glory and probably any site or blog having any inkling of a sports connection. Heh, who would’ve thought a soccer video could get such a distinction, especially when it doesn’t involve Zidane headbutting a defender through the turf? That’s what you get when you make The Beautiful Game even more beautiful.

How, you ask?

By adding college co-eds with a dash of vicious, cheap shot defending that includes a gnarly ponytail pull. If that doesn’t do it for you… If that doesn’t get your motor running on a glorious Friday morning, get thee to a doctor because you might be dead. If you’re still with me, the particulars are this: The game features BYU and New Mexico going at it. During the game, a New Mexico defender — Elizabeth Lambert if you’re keeping score — decides she’s had enough of BYU’s attempts to, well, play opposite her, I guess.

Ah hell, who am I kidding. I could be writing a dissertation about making homemade nuclear weapons and that would be lost on whoever’s reading. The important things are these: Women’s college soccer featuring cute co-eds and rough play. What else do you really need? One last thing — women soccer players are not to be messed with. Ever.

Oh, and one last, last thing — the referee and the linesmen (or women… not really sure here) are really, really atrocious.