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Spain V Russia

So who wants the other spot in the Euro 2008 final game? Who wants to play Germany on Sunday? Spain, I see you raised your hand. Is there anybody else? Russia, you hinted you’d like to try, does that mean you are game for an opportunity?

And with that, we have our particulars for today’s other Euro 2008 semi-final game. Will the Russians continue their skilled, balanced attack they displayed against the Dutch or will they wilt under the sheer creativity and talent the Spaniards bring? Because these two teams were in the same group, they’ve already played once this tournament and Spain was clearly the superior team, winning 4-1.

Since that defeat, however, Russia has dispatched the aforementioned Netherlands, Sweden and Greece, giving up only one goal in the process. So which team will step on the pitch against Spain this evening? The team that got outclassed or the team that outclassed the Dutch?

As for Spain, they can’t be hungover with joy from finally beating Italy. Instead, they must play with the same hunger they showed against the mighty Italians and rely on their stunning ability to attack the opponent. In other words, Spain must take the game to the Russians and make them defend. If they play with an overconfident chip against the Russians, their 4-1 opening win will feel as hollow as a paper towel tube.

Kick-off is at 2:45/1:45 Central.