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World Cup Ad

Because the WAG sensation, not to mention attractive fans, goes hand-in-hand with the World Cup, it’s no surprise to see English ad agencies capitalize on the two great tastes that taste great together. Lynx, the European derivative of Axe, has an ad that blends an attractive lady, well, one with a nice body, at least; with the style of the infamous Wayne Rooney/Nike poster from the 2006 World Cup.

You know? This one.

While one contains promises of glory for England and her football fans, the other contains the promise of, well, sex. I’d say their both pretty effective in their own right. According to the Copyranter blog (H/t for the image), there are several different versions of the English Lynx ad for other countries. If the ad guys are smart, and if they do an Australian version, they’d use this particular Aussie fan.

World Cup soccer and sex. Is there anything better?