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The Dark Lord of Sith as been something of a fixture during the 2010 World Cup; well, at least his franchise has. First, there’s the Adidas Originals/Star Wars commercial mash-up that makes liberal use of George Lucas’ golden child. Now, we have a what appears to be a Mexican telecom offering their various digital services, while capitalizing on the popularity of the World Cup and the never-ending recognition the Star Wars franchise carries. All things being equal, if I had a master of the force in my lineup, it would never come to penalties. I’d simply camp him out in the midfield, launching those force-controlled blasts that would render the goalie useless.

If that fails, there’s always lightsaber-powered destruction as an ace-in-the-hole.

H/t to Guyism for the find.

Oh, and here’s Part 1, in case you are Star Wars completist.

Simply put, I fully support the addition of Darth Vader to any team I root for.