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Thank goodness for this year’s Gold Cup. Otherwise, I would be drowning in a world of Major League Baseball. Much like Santino Quaranta’s fantastic strike on Wednesday night, last night’s match between Panama and Mexico provided some fireworks; although, I don’t think they are the kind CONCACAF intended. What we have is Mexico’s coach, Javier Aguirre, helping out his defense in whatever way he can think of. In this case, with his legs; against an opposing Panamanian player in the field of play.

Needless to say, Aguirre’s tackle didn’t go over too well with Ricardo Phillips, the recipient of the poor tackling attempt the trip. Perhaps someone should tell Mexico’s coach that would’ve been a foul had he been an eligible player on the field.

Naturally, Phillips didn’t take Aguirre’s trip too well and decided he’d retaliate by pushing the coach back. This, of course, led to a little sideline fracas between the Panamanian player and Mexico’s group of reserves. Once order was temporarily regained, both Aguirre and Phillips were red-carded out of the match. For those of you following along at home, besides being mired with the Phillips/Aguirre ugliness, a player being taken out on a stretcher that got overturned due to fan bombardment, and general fan unruliness, the game ended in an almost-too-boring-to-type 1-1 draw.

Too bad the goal scoring excitement didn’t match the player-coach animosity we were treated to.