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Enough has already been said about US/Mexico match from yesterday. Bad midfield play from the United States, coupled with poor, scared officiating — um, FIFA, you might want to address this moving forward — and conservative coaching is what ultimately did Team USA in. Nevertheless, with Charlie Davies performing like he has been all summer, you have to feel confident about their striking ability. Granted, we all wanted to see Jozy Altidore instead of the steady, nondescript Brian Ching, but Bradley saw things differently.

While Altidore potentially gives the US an even more potent attack, the combination of Davies and Landon Donovan works rather well together. The problem was, no other US midfielder decided to show up and help these two.

I’m looking directly at you, Clint Dempsey. You haven’t done a damn thing since scoring that goal against Brazil.

In spite of the negatives — and there were many — Team USA is still in good position concerning the CONCACAF rankings, sitting in second place behind Costa Rica. Mexico, despite the win, is in third place, Only the top two with the top three teams advance to the World Cup next summer. Moving forward for Team USA, you’d like to see a little more ambition and chance-taking on the part of Bob Bradley. He can’t be afraid of playing his two best attacking forwards together, regardless of their age or experience. Again, this is not a slap in the face of a very good Brian Ching. While he’s a great finisher on set pieces and crosses, he doesn’t bring the same kind of explosiveness Altidore or Davies bring.

And with Donovan perhaps playing the best football/soccer/futbol of his career, having two beasts up front like Davies and Altidore will only give the US’ best midfielder even more space to work with.

Team USA’s next game is against El Salvador on September 5; and this time, it’s a home game, which will be played at the Rio Tinto Stadium in Utah.